More than Money

Although this course is entitled 'How To Make Money By Magic', we acknowledge that for some readers, monetary rewards won't be their main focus. Regardless of your viewpoint on this matter however, you should be aware that there are numerous other benefits to learning magic aside from money, that you may not have considered yet.

Here are some of the benefits that can come to you as a result of pursuing magic:

S Giving fun and laughter (or just plain amazement!)

S Entertaining people (friends, family, strangers, business associates)

S Reducing stress for yourself by doing something fun and enjoyable.

S 'Breaking the ice' in potentially awkward situations / meetings / when you are in a foreign country and don't speak the language etc.

S Feeling good about yourself, and developing confidence.

S Releasing a burning desire to act or perform.

S Attracting the opposite sex!

S The thrill of learning a new skill and using it for a positive effect.

You will likely benefit in many of these ways almost inadvertently, as you progress in your knowledge and skill. They are a handy 'side-effect' of performing magic!

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