How Much Can I Expect To Earn

Although there are numerous benefits to be gained from performing magic, the facility to bring in a steady flow of money will be appealing to everyone. After all, that's the title of this course, 'How to Make Money by Magic'!

You may imagine that the better your act, the more money you would earn, but that's not the case. Recall the thought we highlighted before? Given that you have a reasonably good act, be it close-up or full stage, the better you are at MARKETING, the more money you will earn. Yes, marketing is the vital key to unlocking your earnings!

Actually, magic is not alone in this situation. We all know that there are some great singers out there, but only those who are marketed by the record companies get noticed and make the big bucks.

No doubt you are keen to know what sort of earnings could be in store for you, so we have compiled a guide for your interest.

Note that your only limitation is YOU! We will guide you through this course, and provide everything you need to start the money rolling in, but it's down to you to apply the principles and information, that bit we can't do for you!

In answer to the question in the heading above, 'how much can I earn', the answer is: how much do you want to earn? In truth, there is no limit!

Let's imagine that by the third or fourth module, you have mastered the essentials needed to start earning money from magic. On a part-time basis you could earn an absolute minimum of £1000 per year ($1500). That figure is based on one show a week, charged at £100 ($150).

Using the techniques we show you, you could realistically be doing the following on a part-time basis:

A 45min to an hour children's party every week = £75-£100

= £300-£400 per month for 4 hours fun! (Approx $500-$600)

A 60min Corporate event once a month = £500

A 90min restaurant magic stint twice a week (evenings) = £200

Utilising marketing techniques we will show you for add-on sales etc = £50 per week

= £200 per month for doing virtually nothing! (Approx $300)

It is not unrealistic to expect to earn £30,000 ($50,000) a year from performing magic part-time, and if it's your full-time career then you could be looking at £100,000 ($150,000) and upwards.

Let's give you another example to reinforce the point. Suppose you put together a children's show to take out on the road. You could book village halls and schools, one day a week, and book a morning and afternoon show in one area. Based on 200 kids per show paying £5 ($8) a ticket each, you would earn in the region of £2000 ($3000) per week! This is totally achievable.

By the way, we know of a lady children's entertainer who earns a minimum of £800 ($1100) per week, every week, and she is not alone. You may be interested to know that she charges around £100 ($150) per show, and books three shows during the week, three on a Saturday, and one or two on a Sunday. That equates to over £40,000 ($60,000) annually for performing kids shows on a part-time basis!

Your exact earnings will obviously vary according to your circumstances, your area, and other factors, but this really is the lower end of the scale to show you what can be achieved early on. Incidentally, the figures in the chart were taken from a 'Daily Mail' (UK newspaper) feature article about the incredible growth of interest in magic and what magicians typically earn.

Remember, you also have the many opportunities to earn money from magic without performing it in the traditional way that we just reviewed. These include the areas we listed such as teaching, selling tricks, and so on.

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