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So what have we learnt in this module? Firstly, that anyone with the right attitude and determination can earn a substantial income as a magician.

Secondly, that entertainment magic is in no way connected to witchcraft, sorcery, black magic etc. It is unfortunate that a link is sometimes made by individuals lacking knowledge, but the truth is that magic is an illusion, and it is always brought about by logical and physical means.

We also discussed the vital relationship between magic and acting. A good magician is a good actor, so developing your acting skills should be a primary focus for you.

You were encouraged early on to obtain a notebook and note relevant points as you come across them during the course. This is so important, and you must do this now if you haven't done so already.

Something that may have come as a surprise to you was the point about sleight of hand not being a requirement in order to be successful. Recall that we didn't say that you should not learn sleight of hand, just that it is not essential in order to make money from magic.

One of the key points in the entire course was revealed where we stated that the most important factor in your success is marketing. Nothing else matters if you don't market yourself because without it you will be invisible!

One of the common misconceptions we highlighted concerned some magician's view of magic props. We reasoned the point that it is not necessary to own expensive magic props in order to be professional or successful. You can if you want to, but you don't have to spend lots of money.

Whilst we highlighted the need to keep magic secrets to yourself, we also gave you good reasons for this - it's clearly for your own benefit.

Another key point that came out that will aid your success was the requirement to always remember that show business is not SHOW Business, it's Show BUSINESS. You must treat your magic as a BUSINESS at all times.

The special 'age cards' trick that was included provided a valuable lesson that you should not ignore a magic effect purely because it seems simple. All magic seems simple once you know the secret!

We also gave an overview of the huge array of ways that you can earn money from magic. We are confident that you will have no problem tapping into many of these areas to earn whatever you desire.

In the next module, you will take some further critical steps towards your success, as we review how to find magic that will suit you, how to learn magic in the best way (it's not what you think), and how what you can do now that will help ensure your success. By the time you have completed the next module, you will also have learnt your first dozen or so magic effects, which you can practise on everyone you know.

Something else we know you'll be looking forward to is the secret to levitating your whole body. You may have seen a variation of this incredible illusion performed on TV. We'll show you how you can perform it anywhere you choose! You won't need any special equipment, and you will be able to learn it in just a few minutes!

Furthermore, you will be given your next free magic effect, a real classic in magic that still never ceases to amaze audiences around the world.

If you want to proceed even faster, we will also teach you on the videos a range of easy, but extremely effective magic effects that are simple to learn, and visually stunning.

With each module, you can look forward to receiving one or more free magic tricks, enabling you to build up a useful collection whilst you learn.

For example - have you ever wondered how a magician can offer a spectator a range of objects to choose from, and then after the selection has been made, reveal a pre-written prediction naming the very same item? We'll even show you how you can make this effect so dramatic, that even a sceptical person will spend the rest of their lives wondering how you did it!

Hopefully you can see that from module two onwards, we really kick the course into full throttle! You'll be hanging on every word, that's for sure. Let's round up this module with a real life experience that we think you will appreciate. It nicely demonstrates another kind of reward you can receive from learning magic.

One of my friends recounted to me how he and his travelling companions were inside their hotel on holiday when the weather turned really foul. There they were, stuck inside with a group of strangers. Apparently, nobody spoke much, preferring to keep themselves to themselves - as you do. Then, a young guy, barely out of his teens, stood up and asked if anyone would mind him trying out some simple magic on the literally captive audience.

As the rain drizzled down the windows, they all decided that they may as well do something to break the monotony, so they told him to go ahead, albeit a bit grudgingly. My friend was then animated as he described two hours of mind blowing magic. The young man had obviously held everyone spellbound with just a few simple everyday items that he either had in his pockets, or that he asked the audience for.

The highlight seemed to be the look on one person's face when he saw his Rolex watch being smashed into pieces with the heel of a shoe, only to later re-appear undamaged! Amazingly, the audience had been transformed from a group of depressed strangers into a united group of holidaymakers, all mesmerised by the impromptu act.

The youth didn't want any money for entertaining these people. His pleasure came from the thrill of being able to entertain in a way that nobody else could.

His performance did not go unnoticed by the management either. They invited him to entertain the guests in the restaurant for a couple of evenings, and I expect that they came to an amicable arrangement over the hotel bill...

Listening to my friend relate that experience of the young man's positive influence, I subconsciously reminded myself that with magic, I too had found something very special. I hope that you will soon feel the same way too.

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