Letting the Spectator Shuffle with a Key Card

This subtlety can be introduced whenever you perform for a particularly skeptical audience or for fellow magicians. Thanks to a little-known fact, you can have a spectator shuffle the deck after your key card is placed.

After positioning the key card next to the selection, give the deck to a spectator to shuffle, and mime the actions of an overhand shuffle. This assures that the spectator will shuffle in that fashion.

Laymen shuffle with four to five shuffle actions. It is unlikely for the key card to become separated from the chosen card during this. To prevent more than one shuffle, extend your palm-up left hand as soon as the shuffle begins, with the request, "And please cut the deck once an my palm." Emphasize once as though this had some special meaning. The request diverts the spectator from a second shuffle, since there is now a second instruction to be followed.

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Tricks with a Key Card

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