Ife Poyif card

This flourish is actually a light-hearted handling of the rising card plot, as a card actually rises in an unusual fashion at a right angle to the deck. It is the invention of the respected French amateur magician, Dr. Jules Dhotel.42

Hold the slightly unsquared deck in left-hand dealing position. Bring the right hand over the deck to take it into end grip and square the cards. In doing so, bevel them inward at the upper edge. With your right hand, pretend to pull a hair from your head. Fasten this imaginary hair to the lower left comer of the deck, which you now hold vertically, thumb's side uppermost, with the back of the deck broadside to the audience. The base of the left thumb contacts the bottom of the deck near the raised inner left comer, and the left index finger curls onto the face of the deck.

Grasp the free end of the invisible hair in your right hand and, taking advantage of the misdirection afforded by this action, use the pad of the left index finger to separate the bottom card approximately an eighth of an inch from the deck. The beveled end of the deck facilitates this. Now pull up on the imaginary hair with the right hand. Simultaneously, push the bottom card inward and upward with the left index finger. The pressure of the base of the left thumb against the bottom of the deck acts as a pivot point around which the card rotates until it comes to rest at right angles to the deck (see the transparent view in the illustration).

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