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The Magick Power Course is a step-by-step guide showing the users how to create their own magic. The E-book was created just to explain and help people out of the problem they face because of the lack of magic. It was created in such a way that it would be a quick fix for their magical problems. In other words, when the users purchase it during the day, the users will be able to make use of it before night falls. The process is so easy that even a little child can practice and understand it. The guide is such that comes at a cheap price and would help in the reduction of the amount the users might have to pay for regular magic courses. The course comes with some bonuses- Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Part 1, 2 & 3, Transcendental Magic Part 1 &2, The Arbatel of Magic , The 4 Books of Occult Philosophy. It is a book in a digital format and has been created in a cheap format for the users. More here...

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Magicians In The Bible

The first record we have of Magic in ancient times is in the Bible. You remember the story of the Pharaoh's dream of seven full ears of corn and seven withered ears, of seven fat cows and seven lean cows. The Pharaoh was much perturbed by the dream and summoned all the magicians of the realm to come and interpret it. None of them was able to explain the dream until Joseph was called and gave the interpretation of seven years of plenty and seven years of famine for Egypt. The second time we read of Magic in the Bible is the story of the plea of Moses and Aaron before the Egyptian King to release their people so that they might sojourn to another land. To prove that his mission was of divine origin, Moses turned his rod into a serpent. All of the magicians of the land were asked to do the same but failed. The Kings of the Jews, we are told, called upon the soothsayers and magicians to interpret and foretell events for them. Imagine the power of the magician The very destinies of the...

First Scientific Magician

Roger Bacon, who lived at that time, was the first scientific Magician. He did not have or pretend to have supernatural powers, but because he got the effects that the Magicians got, he was looked upon as a Mystic. He was a Magician but a Scientific one. He studied the Sciences particularly, the Science of Optics, which plays an important part in Magic. He developed scientific explanations for the magnifying glass and the telescope. His principles governed the effects that Magicians secured then and that Modern Magicians secure, and consequently this marks the beginning of a scientific basis for Magic.

Magicians Good Ad For Tacoma

Tar na received reams of publicity as result of the recent of them in the more than 850 pro-' magicians' show according to Ray fesslonal performances he has Gambia, president of the Tacoma given. He doos not Include the organization, which sponosred the trick, however, la all his programs, j event. Magician

Audience Member Turns Magician

If you and a friend are learning magic, you could play the role of the magician, and a friend could come out of the audience and perform some magic supposedly without realising how they are doing it. The impression on the rest of the audience is that an audience member 'unwittingly' performs the magic effect, whilst the magician seems to falter. Audiences love this kind of approach because it is like getting their own back on the magician they exalt a mere 'helper' to the realm of accomplished magician.

This trick requires a lot of practice and is for advanced magicians EFFECT

The magician has a card selected and signed. The spectator then shuffles the card into the pack and it is the magician's job to locate it. Unfortunately, the magician cannot seem to get it right, but after a few attempts, the magician seems to actually regurgitate a tightly folded card. It is the spectator's card, with their signature.

Magician Does His Psychic Tricks in the Spirit of an Entertainer

The magician of today mystifies the public, plays tricks on them, and fools them but he does it in the spirit of an entertainer, not as a serious spiritualist. Because of his seemingly miraculous feats and his clever presentation, the public often believes that he has unusual intellectual and mental power and is a master of difficult and unusual situations. The imaginations of the people build this power around him and that is what makes him the box office attraction. Through the cleverness of the magician, he produces effects which seem to be based on supernatural and psychic power. The important point, however, is that his presentation is such as to make his deception legitimate for it is done merely in the spirit of entertaining the public.

High School To Have Magician

(Your Name), the famous Magician, is coming with his ever-popular array of odd and baffling effects. His great mysteries come from the Orient -- from Europe and from America, and he is famed far and wide for his interesting presentations. Among his feature numbers is the great Paper Mystery of Ching Ling Foo, the greatest of Chinese conjurers. Even Magicians have been baffled by this profound mystery.

The Spectator Becomes a Magician

Tell a spectator that he seems to have all the characteristics of a successful magician and suggest that he try to do a trick. Hand the deck to him, show him how to spread the cards, thus avoiding any danger of his exposing the reversed card next the bottom. Draw a card and pretend to note what it is. Replace it and have him cut the pack once.

David Harkey Magician

First, the good stuff. (And when I say good, I mean really good. These three items could go into your show right now.) Wingding is basically the Ash Trick done with stickers. A sticker vanishes from a strip of stickers and ends up on the back of the spectator's hand. This is a wonderful trick for children, it resets very quickly, and would be perfect for restaurant workers. Shufflesque is Eric Anderson's in-the-hands false riffle shuffle. It includes a waterfalling of the cards and is extremely convincing. This was shown to me via the underground a while ago and I valued it so much that I have not shown it to another magician. It will take practice, but it involves more knack than actual skill. East Meets West Meets South is Eric Anderson's revamping of a bill penetration of Harkey and Jay Sankey. I commented very favorably on this in my review of Harkey on Video. Why do I like this Because Eric has eliminated the straight line

TA Waters Mind Myth and Magick

Waters is the author of Mind, Myth, and Magick, a monumental (and wonderful) 800 page book which is required reading for anyone interested in mentalism. On this video T.A. demonstrates and explains 12 routines from the book. The routines use common objects such as envelopes, playing cards, and tarot cards, and all are within the abilities of the average magician. Notice that in the above paragraph I used the word demonstration rather than presentation. At the beginning of the tape T.A. explains that he has chosen not to include full-blown presentations for any of the routines explained. I understand his reasons for choosing this route, but I wish he had gone the other way. The two assistants helping T.A. are pretty lifeless, and T.A.'s demonstration style is fairly lowkey. I fear that many magicians may pass this material by because the performance is not exciting, and that would be a pity, because there is some excellent material offered here.

Past Magicians Screen Saver

The Past Magicians Screen Saver set includes 20 classic full color posters of people like Dante, Houdini, and Carter. They come in two sizes a full screen poster (which can be used for wallpaper) and smaller versions which can be animated so they bounce around the screen. The images come on two 3 IBM-Windows compatible disks. I had no problem installing these, and they look great.

The Banquet Magicians Handbook

One the bread and butter gigs of the contemporary working magician is the afterdinner, or banquet show. Generally this involves performing for an audience of anywhere from 50 to several hundred people, in a venue (usually the banquet room of a hotel) which is usually less than ideal. In The Banquet Magician's Handbook, David Charvet has put together some excellent advice for anyone who wants to be successful doing this type of show.

Your Relation To Other Magicians

A big part of your job as a Magician is not only to make yourself liked by audiences, managers, committees, newspapers, etc., but also by other Magicians. You cannot get very far in the Magic World if your Brother Magicians dislike you. Now, what causes a Magician to be disliked Just those things which cause any professional or business man to be disliked Too much egoism, knocking of others, never cooperating with others. I have always preached to you the necessity for having CONFIDENCE in yourself. BUT remember that OVER-CONFIDENCE leads to disaster. Base your confidence on a real, fundamental knowledge of Magic and not just on a superficial air of knowing it all. When a man has the real Professional spirit, he never tries to show off. Everyone knows that he has ability by his work, and there is no need for him to take the greater than thou attitude. The super-egoist is constantly overstepping his bounds in his great desire to push himself into the limelight. He never thinks of...

International Brotherhood Of Magicians

Bombay, were highlights amongst an assembly of magical stars from all over Great Britain, gathered together by the International Spirit of Brotherhood which is stronger amongst magicians, be they amateur or professional, than in any other branch of the entertainment profession.

Three Kinds of Pre Show Work

Pre Work Mentalism

The sues cm of ny act depends on lncc kinds cf critical pre-show work. The first kind of pre-show work involves sending a confirmation letter that outlines my understanding of the key details my client and I agreed on. T his letter aLvo lists my presentational requirements. I send this letter to the person who hired me within twenty-four hours of my getting the job. The purpose of this letter is to minimize any misunderstandings, using this letter, ninety-five percent of the time I have everything 1 need when I anive. (See Appendix, Items I and 2.) This letter also contains suggestions for promoting and describing my act. The second kind of pre-show work involves gathering the pre-show information I will use during my iicL This kind of pre-show work is a mentalist's secret weapon 1 or a number of years 1 used Lee Larle's Micro-Thin Clipboard, which is no longer available. Recently Bob Ca&sidy and John Riggs the Curtain Rises, by Mark Strivings, for additional irifonna-tion on the art...

Image Magicians Thimble Holder

Thimbles may have been designed for sewing purposes, but the manipulative magician has found them very effective in sleight of hand. Every kind from the simple aluminum or silver thimbles to the brightly-colored metal or wooden ones are used. Cardini, the noted English magician, uses beautiful rhinestone thimbles. Performer reaches out into the air and causes a thimble to appear at the tip of his first finger. This is placed in the left hand. Suddenly it disappears then he finds it at his right elbow. It is thrown upwards and disappears in thin air, reappearing on the tip of the second finger of his right hand. Again magician throws the thimble high into the air and again it is gone but in a moment it is back on the tip of his first finger. Next, in a most mysterious manner, the thimble becomes red and then changes back to its normal color again. Thimble continues to appear and disappear in bewildering fashion. It jumps from the first finger of one hand to the first finger of the...

About Modern Preshow Work

I have some subjects to discuss here that may make my point of view more understandable to magicians and mentalists. When the late Bascom Jones gave an exceedingly brief outline of what he dubbed my powerful, audience-tested blindfold routine, inMagick 418, the complete explanation he gave for my climactic effect was this Actually, those words in what Bascom chose to name The Sensitives present a gross misconception of what I do. Here's a flat statement I do not use hidden pre-show work with clipboards or billets. There are compelling reasons why I make such a blunt statement. work was kept well hidden relatively few knew what happened before the performance. When these methods were devised, there were no cinemas, rock concerts, and other diversions we have today. A magician or mindreader coming to town was a major event with posters everywhere advertising his appearance. People bought tickets with tremendous anticipation, filed into the theater to be entertained, then went their...

The Magician Mentality

Ironically, magicians tend to admire the opposite approach. They often shower the greatest praise on the version with the most cluttered critical interval. There are at least two reasons for this. First, often a lousy method will fool magicians better than a good method because magicians already know the good method. Some time back I saw a video of a legendary card magician, now deceased. He performed a version in which the aces really were placed in the four different packets. The magician then palmed each ace in turn out of its follower packet and transferred it to the leader packet. This was touted as an expert version. The delusion that this was a superior approach could only have resulted from the magician getting great reactions when he performed it for other magicians. Magicians know that the standard approach involves switching out the aces at the start. They would be thrown for a loop when there was no initial switch-out. But the fact is that the magician was doing exactly...

Becoming A Master Magician

Joe Biden First Wife Crash

In this supplemental chapter to the foregoing, I will tell you of The High Magic Of India (of which all other forms of magic are but imitations), and how to develop the powers of Yoga Cosmology. This is the type of magic which is performed in secret monastaries in the mountains of Northern India and Tibet by the Adepts. This magic is in no sense supernatural, but it is decidedly supernormal, and shows a most amazing control over the forces of Nature. I will both describe the effects of such high magic and give you the modus operandi so you will know of the means of developing as do the Master Magicians. As you have studied, there are three kinds of magic seen in India. One is the fakir type which the tourist enjoys. However it is but a presentation of clever trickery. Then there is the magic of the intermediate magician in which is employed the particular form of oriental hypnotism known as Maya the spectators thinking they see what is in fact unreality. Third, there is the...

Spectatormagician Plus

This is a routine of three effects in which the spectator takes the part of an expert card magician. It was inspired by, and is an extension of, the SPECTATOR-MAGICIAN, by Tony Faro. Magicians who place the emphasis on entertainment will see the possibilities in this direction. The degree of success achieved depends mainly on the performer's ability to persuade the spectator to act the part of the 'expert', and how well the situations which arise are exploited. That there are no new 'miracles' in the routine is not important, and therefore requires no apology. Its merit is in the novelty of the theme and entertainment potential. Commence by asking someone if they would like to become an expert card magician. Having secured a volunteer seat him at the table and hand him the pack, saying The first thing a real expert does is to allow someone to shuffle the cards, making sure it is you who does the shuffling. It is a false one which does not destroy the arrangement. Hand back the pack to...

Clive Court Uk Magician 1950-2000

We are pleased to feature the World's leading lady magician, who hails from China. Other luminaries who were strapped to a chair and forced to talk to us include actor John Thomson and Radio 1's favourite magician Chris Cox. We also have another of our features on magic from overseas as we present The Magic In Germany. Prepared by enthusiastic amateur German magician Henning Koehlert, we learn about how the magic scene is in Deutschland plus get some Masterclass German - style magic to learn too

Speech for the Magician

How many magicians give the subject of stage speech any consideration I do not mean Elocution, that awful word wh ch too often leads to mouthiness and an irritating refanement. I mean clarity, fluency and the right emphasis It should be the same with magicians. Yet very frequently magicians seem to think that the trick, the apparatus or the man pulation is all that matters arid that, so long as a few gags are thrown in or that ft is made clear that the tumbler is empty, the actual talk is of quite minor importance. Mumbling, or semi-audibility, is a particular crime among magicians. The reason is that attention is being drawn away from your personality by the apparatus or objects you are using whereas in a play attention is being drawn to you by what you are saying. Probably only half your mouth is visible when you are directing attention to that box or handkerchief. Hence, keep in your imagination that girl who is sitt ng in the back row and is just as much entitled to hear you as th...

Trick Courtesy of Peter Zwissler Magician of Manipulation

Effect A magician removes two cards from a deck and places them face up on the table. The deck is handed to the spectator where he she will start dealing cards face down onto the table, when he she stops, the magician places one face up card on top of the dealt pile and the rest of the deck is placed on top of that. The spectator again deals cards face down and when they stop, the magician places the other face up card at that point. Upon examination of the placement of the face up cards, the spectator sees he she stopped dealing where the two prediction cards' twins were located.

Crack Magician Explains Some Tricks

To an upright magician, it is black heresy to expose a trick. For such a crime the Society of American Magicians sometimes expels its members. While LIFE sympathizes with this policy, it also believes that more people will enjoy the entertaining hobby of magic if a few tricks are explained from time to time. So herewith it shows two tricks and how to do them all m the cause of good fun and bewilderment. As demonstrator, LIFE enlists a crack magician, Keith Clark, who has performed this winter at New York's Rainbow Room. Assisting him is lovely Nadine Gae, a star dancer in Broadway's current success, Panama Haitie. As this trick involves underpants, Miss Gae seemed qualified to assist because her hobby is collecting underpants. Her collection of 127 pairs is the largest one in the world officially recorded. These pictures were shot at her New York apartment where she lives with her husband. To all would-be magicians, LIFE passes on these well-known rules. All tricks should be rehearsed...

National Congres Of Magiciansbreda 1952

Flying to Holland always reminds me of my first flight there in 1946 to attend the First International Congres of Magicians sponsored privately by Henk Vermeyden. I was incidentally the first British Dealer to Exhibit on the Continent since before the War. In the following carriage, in morning dress, with his beautiful wife came the President, Mr. ). De Nijs, following by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stickland with Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Buckingham, then M. and M. Rene Jadot and two more carriages. Then magicians motor cars joined on, and then the magicians themselves. Finally they came to the park, and here again there were crowds to watch. To a reserved enclosure came the magicians to seats set in a semi circle, on a lawn surrounded by huge trees. On a platform with a microphone, President De Nijs gave a welcoming speech to all present and then came Henk Vermeyden, resplendent also in morning dress, and he too gave one of his usual witty and pointed addresses, and performed the Opening...

Magicians in the NEWS

LESTER SHARPE called n at the Studio recently. He reported having had a very successful six months tour of the East including Egypt and India. Whilst in India he met many members of the Indian Magic Circle, including the fabulous Eddie Joseph, and he says of him, that he is without any doubt at all, one of the cleverest and most original magicians he has ever seen. PERCY ABBOTT* the largest manufacturer of magical apparatus in America, has shown his enterprise and terrific energy in organising this affair again this year, after two years lapse. We think it is largely owing to popular demand, and the unique features make it different from all other Magic Conventions in the World. Owing to the fact that Colon, Michigan, is just miles from anywhere, and is only a tiny village, Percy erects a big top and holds all his shows and demonstrations inside, before hundreds of people. A running buffet supplies the needs of the guests, and we certainly envy American Magicians who have the...

The Secret Formula Of The Magicians

Sadhu Parimal Bandu spoke confidentially, I will tell you one of the deep secrets of the magicians. I shall only give you the gist, but enough so the clever can use the formula Adepthood comes from turning Yama within upon the magic powers. The result is a chain-reaction, the Yama developing the Powers and the Powers developing the Yama. It is true magic.

Music for Magicians Volume

Music for Magicians is the first offering from Mike King and Bill White. Bill composed the music and played keyboards Mike played midi guitar and arranged and mixed the compositions. All the tunes are royalty free, which means that if you purchase the cassette you are free to use the music as you wish without further financial obligation. There are some up-tempo grooves offered, but many of the cuts are more mellow than other music for magic discs I have heard. You should be aware, however, that Music for Magicians Volume 1 comes to you on a cassette, and this means that there will be some tape hiss which cannot be eliminated. Mike and Bill also offer to customize any of these cuts for you, and they can provide original custom music. At 14.95 Music for Magicians is reasonably priced, and if you are searching for music on a budget, it is certainly worth checking out.

Magician from Bluefield to appear on TV tonight

Ammar recently moved to California, is a published author and has won the world Sleight of Hand Championship at the 15th World Congress of Magic in Switzerland. He won the award with magic that he originated and competed against 2,300 magicians from throughout the world. He was born in Logan and moved to Bluefield with his family when he was 13 years old. Hes been a magician for 14 years and has performed throughout the United States and abroad.

The Spook Show Magician

Before cable television and home video, there used to be a whole market for magicians to travel around performing spooky magic and then showing horror movies. Things have changed in the last twenty years to where that can be possible again. The Internet has brought back an interest in horror films by uniting fans and introducing Americans to Japanese horror movies. Many local art house theaters frequently play horror movies in doublebills. A magician that performs shock magic can add to the bill, and increase ticket price and revenue. Die-hard horror fans would love the atmosphere created by having a magician performing some of the horrific things live that they were planning to see on the screen. It also helps create an experience that can't be matched at home.

The Magician in the Physical World

I have already given my understanding of how we fit into this world as magicians and what I believe we should try to accomplish. I have talked about Tom Bombadil and how this literary example can lead us to be masters of our physical surroundings. But how many of us are not masters at all How many of us are actually at odds with our physical universe Are you wondering what I am talking about Let me explain. Being a master of the physical universe, we, as magicians, ought to have this gentleness of touch. I am not referring to constantly waving your hands around in delicate gestures, but we ought to be able to

The Boardroom Magician

Companies frequently put on meetings for executives and managers where they bring catered food and open up the expense account to create a nice event. You can offer your services as a magician that specializes in boardroom magic that helps set the pace. You might go in and perform a 10-minute close-up show or a micro-show for the group. The show should be performed out of a briefcase and with little interruption to the surrounding event. Your goal is to provide the meeting planner with something different that will create a talking point and make people glad they attended the meeting.

The Commercial Magician

Every city has two or three car dealers that run wild and wacky commercials to get attention. Approach one of them and ask if they'd like to make use of your services as a magician. Maybe they'd like to have you cut them in half to show how serious they are about cutting prices. There are as many bad puns as there are magic clich s. The possibilities are endless. If you have a few different big magic props, you might be able to sell them on the idea of renting them (and you) to do a series of commercials.

See Other Magicians At Work

Grasp every opportunity to see magicians at work. You can learn a great deal if you go to a performance with an open mind and look for things to learn. Watch the professional. Notice how he presents his program. Watch for these things When attending a program given by a magician, do all you can to help him, for he has the same interests at heart which you have and naturally you want him to succeed. Encourage him in his work. Tell your friends that he is playing in town. Always speak well of your brother magicians and of the Art of Magic. Doing so adds to your own prestige as well as to the prestige of others. It is usually the case that when we do a good turn for another, the reward comes back to us. If some magician comes to your town and you want to meet him, you can manage to introduce yourself to him. He will be glad to meet you as you have a great common interest. However, do not be too insistent. Remember that he is a busy man, and you must be considerate if you desire to win...

Magicians Escapeandevasion

It seems ironic that as I write this, the Sci-Fi Channel is showing reruns of the 1973-74 television series The Magician with Bill Bixby. I was a magician 10 years before that show aired, but it provided more inspiration to me as well as to many of today's professional magicians than any other television show to date. In the show, the magician, Anthony Blake (Bixby), was constantly overcoming the criminal element with his clever use of magic. I don't think he ever used a gun, unless he took it away from the bad guy. He always handcuffed his adversary to something or to another bad guy. It was absolutely hilarious to watch his use of misdirection. I used to wonder if it could really work that simply. And to my surprise, it did. The accompanying illustrations show my recommended lines of defense for an experienced magician. I used to carry a gun around with me. While it's true that a gun is usually the best personal weapon, a gun says one thing to a cop if you get into a confrontation....

Police to Train As Magicians

LONDON (Reuters) - Top British police officers are to be given training as magicians, but in a bid to improve their communication skills, not to pull the wool over the eyes of criminals, Scotland Yard said on Friday. Magician Michael Vincent is to undertake the training of 30 police superintendents for a fee of 144 per head under the title of The Magic of Networking. There are several different ways a magician can make arrangements to do a show in a theatre where the public buys a ticket for the performance. You can book the theatre for a rental fee and keep the ticket sale profits. A theatre could hire you for a set fee and handle all the other details. Another scenario is a co-pro (co-production), which is a combination of risk and reward sharing. You can also run a phone promotion operation. JK - I market the Hades Finger Chopper, and some information products for magicians. Like you, I want to spend more time at home with my family. I also book a second performer, Tony Eng, and...

The King Lover Warrior Magician

Magicians of olde might rouse a crowd in celebration or provide the King with secret knowledge and physical devices that further technology. They might also gather artists to physically produce masterpieces and give the Warriors new special weapons never thought of before. Finally, the LOVER TEMPERAMENT is also RIGHT-BRAINED like the MAGICIAN, creative and artistic, but less action-prone and more NURTURING, fuller of Well-being than Confidence. Lovers or poets and artists of olde might paint alone or write stories that inspire the masses. They might comfort the King one-on-one and feed creative ideas to the Magician who carries them out in public.


Jumpingfrogs Entertainment is now the preferred agency for the Royal Family with over twenty contracts in the last three years. Recently, magicians Lee Warren and John Danbury together with juggler Ian Marchant, had great pleasure in performing for Prince William and Prince Harry and their guests at Wembley Stadium at the Concert for Diana. Magicians Etienne Pradier and Paul Martin also were invited to perform for the whole family at a very private event. Anne-Cecile who jointly runs Jumpingfrogs with Etienne Pradier said We are delighted that the Royal Family constantly use us for all their events, it makes us very proud -who said that the English did not like the French

Publicity Stunt Magician

What many magicians forget when they hear about David Blaine's latest stunts is the fact that he doesn't do those things for sake of doing them. He's not the magic equivalent of Sir Edmund Hillary. He's a showman. He's using the stunt to get free press so he can sell something. He sells television specials to networks. They sell commercials to advertisers. David Blaine spends 40 days in a box so you'll go out and buy Tide detergent. There's no reason why you can't just cut out all the middlemen yourself. If you've thought about doing some kind of endurance stunt (over a period of time), forget about pitching it to ABC. Go to a local business and pitch it to them. How much is worth it to them to have you spend 3 days in a box with a bunch of rabid raccoons How much is having hundreds (thousands ) of people coming to their location to see the mad magician It could be worth lots.

Magiciansand their methods

This book is not about the methods used by magicians, mind-readers, mentalists and the rest of my kind who practise dark, You may have seen stage magicians who seem able to read the minds of complete strangers in the audience - telling them where they were born, their credit card numbers, where they went on holiday and so on. This is a neat enough routine, and I have done it myself more than a few times. There are many entertainers who specialise in similar miracles. With very rare exceptions, these stage tricks and mind-reading routines have little or nothing whatsoever to do with cold reading. What magicians do on stage is entertainment. This book is about deception used outside the sphere of entertainment. Please bear this distinction in mind. (See Appendix note 2 for more on this point).

The Backroom Magician

Besides performing for boardroom meetings, other companies have meetings with employees where they might consider hiring a magician to make it more interesting. Stores and restaurants often have manager meetings on a weekly basis. This is a great opportunity to put on a micro-show to make the meeting less stressful. The money may not be as good as what you'd get paid working for a Fortune 500 company, but there's a chance that other franchises might want to make use of your services if it works out well.

Magician Among the Spirits

Collectors and historians will be very interested in Kaufman and Greenberg's publication of the original manuscript of Harry Houdini's 1924 book A Magician Among the Spirits. (Actually, as Richard Kaufman points out in the Publisher's Note, this manuscript is possibly one of several drafts which may have existed. It is not the draft which was sent to the publisher, because it does not bear editor's markings.) The manuscript was part of the Milbourne Christopher collection and has been seen by only a handful of people.

Modern Magicians

Although but 21 years of age, he has made a study of magic in all its branches, and has for several years been before the public as an entertainer of no ordinary merit, as is evidenced by the many flattering press notices and testimonials of which he is the possessor. Being endowed with the qualities so necessary for success, we have no hesitation in predicting a brilliant future for this talented magician, and the best wishes of Magic are with him.

Creating A New Image

If you are really going to take occult bluffing seriously the most important factor in achieving credibility is getting the image right. Stand in front of the mirror for a few hours every night perfecting a slightly mad, hypnotic stare. Take either Aleister Crowley (q.v) or Charles Manson as your model. Both spent a lot of time in front of the mirror perfecting theirs. A change of name is often useful. Grand Master of the Order of the Black Rose Albert Higgins just doesn't sound right somehow. Something exotic and foreign is ideal and an obscure title is a real clincher if you can carry it off. There is a long tradition amongst occultists to claim to be Scottish chieftains and it seems to work even if you have never been north of the Watford Gap. Similarly a change of location gives you a romantic mystery about you that can work wonders. A delightfully vague history is almost a prerequisite for the successful occultist. One or two tips though. Don't get the newsletter from your old...

Open House Magician

Almost everyday, some business near you is throwing an event to attract people, and to inform customers about their services. You can provide two unique services for these businesses you can entertain their guests, and you can entertain their children while their salespeople talk to the parents. All too often magicians miss out on the most effective ways to sell their skills. If it's a business that wants to promote its services, they often don't want to cloud their message with a magic show. However, the idea of having a magician to entertain people while they wait to take a tour of a model home, is one that a businessperson can put a value on. Your goal is to help them keep customers. Like working the line at a restaurant, you can help them keep potential clients around. Pick up your paper, and look to see what businesses have scheduled open houses. Look and see what homebuilders are planning to showcase new homes. Call them up, or visit in person and offer them a way to increase...

Other Magicians

Watching the shows of other magicians can be handled in the same way that you would read a book. To discover new methods, try to guess the one he is using. If you would use it, decide why. If not, why not What don't you like about the method How would you change it to make it something that you would use Is it practical for the type of performances that you give Is that the best method for accomplishing that effect (Hew much is he getting paid Why is he up there instead of you ) All of these are questions that you should be asking yourself. As before, if you like the effect, work on it.

Ron Escott Magician

Note 458 mentions a good idea by Al Baker for using twenty-six stacked cards in a pocket as an index, with a message written on each card. I think this lends itself to wonderful effects, despite Daley's lack of detail. Note 510 explains a Do-as-I-do idea using two slates, two decks of cards (one of them stacked), in which the card the spectator chose and the one directly below it in hi- deck (supposedly chosen In the magician) are 1 The effect is curious and interesting, but complex. Note 627 is Al T s version of A Card and a Number . Note 628 contains Baker's idea for determining how many cards are cut. Note 695 is a pretty idea explained bN August Roterberg in New Era Card Tricks (1897) After a false shuffle, the magician deals four rows of cards face up. He pretends to memorize the fiftv-two cards in the positions they now occupy and turns them face down i place. He proceeds to turn face up the thirteen cards of any suit named by spectator, in order. Note 640 mentions...

Occult Literature

Should you feel rash enough to attempt to tackle any on the list there is a particular way to read occult literature which you would be better to know. This is the grimoire that is always being used by powerful Black Magicians in popular occult fiction. About the most interesting thing they could do from

Len Blease Magician

Paul Pleasants is one of the busiest working professionals in the business. A past winner of The Hickson Cup for Stage Magic as a member of the Ipswich Magical Society, where he is still a member, Paul has been described as a 'human dynamo' and is an accomplished and versatile magician. We managed to grab five minutes with Paul, just before he nipped out to do another show I like to think my performing style is fast, fresh and funny. I was told by a very good magician to use your magic as a way to entertain, but let your personality come through. I think that anyone starting out should try as many types of magic as possible in front of as many audiences as possible - there is no substitute for 'stage time'. A major factor is finding an individual style and character that plays to your strengths. I'd suggest getting a close friend, preferably several (separately), and ask them to be genuinely honest, if not brutal, about what they think are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of...

Marvelli Magician

Modern Playing Apparatus For Park

Paul Osborne's magical career began at age five when he was presented a magic kit by then local magician, Mark Wilson. Through the high school and college years, Paul performed professionally, often touring with bands, and was awarded Best Club Act and Best Act trophies by the Texas Association Of Magicians in Corpus Christi. As an artist and theatrical designer. Paul has been nationally recognized with design credits too numerous to mention. As a magician, Paul will continually release his ideas and drawings to the magic fraternity that has given him so much. As a positive thinker, it is PaS's hope that each and every magician will realize that, as a creative person, they can not only perform, but build their own illusions.

Magicians Choice

A keystone of david's work is his handling of the forcing technique popularly known as Magician's Choice. It can he found in many of his stage routines and is at the core of one of his favourite impromptu effects. Traditionally the Magician's Choice is often presented as a process of elimination and all too often the method is transparent rather than invisible. To further complicate matters many laymen have encountered party tricks that depend upon a form of the Magicians Choice and are quite familiar with telltale phrases such as You chose Red so that leaves me with Black Revelations As usual the Magician s Choice is executed in a series of steps, reducing the number of items until only one is left and this is designated as the volunteer's choice. The trickery lies in a number of carefully worded phrases. Each time a choice is offered David is able to manipulate it to retain the items he needs and discard those he doesn't. At no time during the routine does David ever use words like,...

Max Andrews Magician

I have just had the pleasure of drinking a toast to Those who do not read Abracadabra each week . This, as if you didn't already know, is the title Goodliffe appropriated from the Magicians Union, for his little Magazine, which is the World's only Magical Weekly. As a matter of fact, I do read my own advert, as I consider, if for no other reason, the magazine justifies its existence by making it possible for all other magical publications to contact their public The officers of the organisation, President Oscar Paulson, Secretary Bill Stickland and Poppy, Assistant Secretary Jeffrey Atkins and Catherine, together with Eddie Dexter and Moflie, Max Raskin representing Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Joseph representing India, and numerous other well known magicians and their ladies. well, I give up. Anything he does in his act would mystify the ladies, for the most part, and is really worth watching for its slick presentation alone. Why try to mystify magicians on a night like that when he...

An Occult Hand

We're entering the season of ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night. Normally I don't put much stock into paranormal phenomena, but a very odd thing happened as I was trying to organize material for this month's column. Because I am an enormously disorganized person, I need my everyday life to be as calm as possible when I sit down to write the reviews. My home was far from calm this month. It was as if an occult hand had reached out and touched all of the animals in my house, causing them to forget that they had ever been housebroken. Pandemonium ensued. The animals were completely disoriented, and most distraught of all was my wife, who had very nearly reached the decision to harvest all our creatures for their meat and fur.

One Magician

The Magician Versus the Gambler has been around for a long time. Father Cyprian worked with a Lorayne routine and added his lever switch and some changes and came up with this entertaining and easy-to-perform routine. I'm pleased to have it in this book. 10. The Gamblers applauded each other, but one of them noticed a Magician. Gesture with the right hand and flash the Ace of Spades as you point to the magician sitting quietly over there in the corner. Let the forefinger and little finger straddle the sides of the packet and hold it so that the thumb can be moved from the end of the packct in preparation for fanning the packet. Fan the packet and turn it face up to show the Royal Flush. And the Magician beat the gamblers at their own game,

The Magician

Science has the world beat and it is upon a strictly scientific basis that I am able to obtain these very strange and peculiar results. If you, as I had become interested in things psychic and studied along occult lines from a scientific viewpoint, you yourselves would be able to accomplish these apparent mysteries as easily as I do.

The Demo Magician

We magicians often overlook the variety of skills we rely upon as performers. Besides our knowledge of how the brain is fooled, we know how to gather crowds, make the simple look cool, and communicate complex ideas to average people. These are skills worth millions in the right hands.

The RV Magician

Comedian Rich Hall first got the inspiration to do comedy when he saw a magician perform at his college campus out of an RV. If you want to take your show on the road, think about taking the stage with you. There are thousands of outdoor events across the country where you can provide entertainment by pulling up in your own magic RV or van with backdrops and a stage. The goal is to book a bunch of events in a single trip. Driving 500 miles to pick up 750 is not worth it. Driving 500 miles and making 5,000 by performing at several events is much more appealing if you're looking to take your show on the road. You can schedule through promoters, or try contacting civic clubs that have chapters in multiple cities. A few tours a year can provide a nice income to a magician that really wants to see America. By the way, the magician Rich Hall saw perform later on went on to become Harry Anderson.

Originally published in Genii Magazine

Let's look at this moment, examine it, and see what is involved here. A spectator is about to replace the selected card into the deck. First of all, you must appreciate the fact that if there are any observant individuals in the audience, this is the moment when they are intently observing, intently watching what the magician will now do. Sensible people realize that the magician isn't really going to let that card get lost in the deck On the contrary, sensible people realize, when -- and if -- they stop to think about it, that the magician must in some way keep track of (or, as we say, control) the selected card. And, of course, they are correct. The fact is that in most card tricks the magician must indeed now do something. In those effects where a card is selected, the card, in fact, usually now must be controlled (brought to the top, bottom, or a known position). How shall the magician do whatever now needs to be done Here is the question Shall it be done in a way that calls...

Imagination Solitude and Creativity

Selecting the topics for these articles hasn't been an easy task. But I've been guided in the selection by some of the questions that typically are asked by the magicians who attend the seminars that I've conducted. I began doing small seminars in January of 1983. I suppose in large part because l had lost faith in the educational value of the traditional magic lecture format which encourages a lecturer to give a performance instead of encouraging serious exploration and thinking about magical questions. Over the years, I've conducted more than one hundred seminars in America and Europe for groups of usually a dozen or so magicians. I begin by explaining that in a lecture, I get to talk about whatever I choose, but in a small group, we can talk about whatever you choose. And almost always one topic appears with surprising regularity. And that topic is creativity. Most serious magicians want to be more creative with their magic they don't want simply to be imitators. Most serious...

The Fifth Way Lost In Cyberspace by Eugene Burger

How shall I learn to be a magician When I was young, I learned about magic from books and from watching magicians perform, live or on television. Looking back, I think I learned as much about magic from watching other magicians as I did from the books. Books taught me about tricks and methods, but observation taught me other things that proved to be much more important for my own development as a magician. Observing other magicians raised questions for me about how I might present my own magic. So how shall you learn to be a magician Four answers seem obvious. First, you might begin reading books about magic. In the past two hundred years, books have been very important in passing on magical knowledge to succeeding generations and so it seems rather sad that so many have lost -- and are losing -- the love of reading. Third, if you want to learn to be a magician you might seek some personal instruction from a magician you abilities you respect. Actually, this is probably the oldest...

Vertically Challenged

Over the past year, watching magicians in various parts of the United States and Europe perform their card tricks, I have become aware of a rather strange situation. It happens quite frequently. Basically, the magician is sitting at a table with other magicians doing card magic. Suddenly, the performer stands up to perform the next effect. Why did the performer suddenly stand up

Can You Tell Me the Best Card Tricks by Eugene Burger

Much of my email is from magicians who are asking questions. Sometimes they ask so many questions I would need to write a small booklet just for them if I were to answer them intelligently. Often the questions are the same. One of the recurring questions that has been asked on more than a dozen occasions is this Can you tell me the best card tricks Reading card tricks in books, and talking about them with our magician friends, helps us create this illusion in our minds that card tricks do exist in some real sense independently of their performance. But I think it's just an illusion. It's an example of what Alan Watts called eating the menu instead of the dinner. I studied magic books when I was young. I experimented with the things I read. Other magicians showed me card tricks and sometimes, really rather rarely, I experimented with them as well. Of the probably thousands of card tricks I have experimented with over the years, only a very few have made it into my performing...

Editing Our Scripts by Eugene Burger Originally published in Genii Magazine

This is particularly unfortunate since, for most attempts at bizarre magic to succeed, the story which surrounds the magical effect must itself be an engaging story and one that is well told by the performer. Overwritten stories quickly destroy any real engagement. Yet for many magicians the editing process -- which might transform their overwritten stories into stories with real power -- seems itself to be a thing of great mystery. Many magicians don't seem to know where to begin.

On Imitation By Eugene Burger

It is, of course, interesting for us, as magicians, to watch and enjoy other magicians, to see and learn how others do these things. Who isn't interested in collecting such information and experiences But, after their show is over, you are not them. You must find your own way. Second, there is the problem of imitating and copying another performer's presentations, not to mention the approving jokes one hears about such copying among groups of magicians. When you look at the amount of presentational copying there is on the contemporary magic scene, don't you think it's a little outrageous This is not a problem that is peculiar to magicians. Don't humans generally seem to think it is easier to imitate rather than to strike out on their own In imitation there is the promise of security, while in working to find out what is best for you, as in all self-discovery, and there is always the risk of failure and the pain which failure brings. For centuries and centuries, consequently, humans...

Reflections by Eugene Burger

In Las Vegas, I will conduct two Master Classes with Jeff McBride and also work with Dan Harlan and John Thompson on a book of John's magic and fascinating recollections about magic and magicians. These are all exciting projects for me teaching with Jeff is always stimulating and surprising, and a book by John Thompson will be an important addition to magical literature. When I became a professional magician in March of 1978, I turned to restaurant magic because my mind had been dulled by years of regular paychecks, and I felt, without them, my life would simply involve too much worry and anxiety. Restaurant magic provided me with the regular paychecks that I craved and also, and much more important, the opportunity to advertise myself for private and corporate parties -- and get paid for it at the same time To be honest, when I began working in restaurants, I really had only the most general idea, derived from observing restaurant and bar magicians while I was young, how this sort of...

Playing with Deep Down Fears by Eugene Burger

Coming, as my father did, from a large family, Lorraine was much older than me, probably in her late twenties or early thirties at the time. Among my family members, I always remember her as being especially positive and enthusiastic and supportive of Eugene, the teenage magician. She was always ready to watch a new one, smile and laugh and applaud in all the right places and then go on and on about how WONDERFUL and CLEVER I was. I suspect that Lorraine never doubted that I would one day become a professional magician. In the mad inner turmoil I remember as my twelfth year, Lorraine was indeed a shining star, and I loved seeing her and performing my magic for her -- which happened about four or five times a year (depending upon family weddings and funerals). At twelve years of age, however, I thought much less about the deceptiveness of the force and much more about the magical payoff at the effect's conclusion -- not unlike today's magicians who think much less about the...

Classroom Discussion

Eugene Burger has created an enviable, world-wide reputation as a superlative close-up magician and lecturer on both the theory and performance of magic. His television appearances and lectures in England, Europe and Japan have generated enthusiastic response. What is less known is that he has begun performing on stage and discovered that his special brand of magic plays just as well on stage as it does at your table. The very approachable Mr. Burger loves to interact with both magicians and lay people and this quality is very evident in the classroom give and take discussion which follows. First, let me say something to the magicians in the magic class. One of the challenges of performing magic is coming up with a way to present it so the sub text isn't about how cool you are. Further, most magic is presented by magicians as exposition. By that I mean the performer is simply telling the people what he or she is doing, I am going to do this, I'm going to do that, now I'm going to do...

The Ww

In the hands of most magicians, a pass is not invisible. It can flash. It can talk. Or simply the movement of the hands can be suspicious. But these things do not prevent a number of individuals from trying to blow it past their audience. Now what I am about to say is probably nothing new, but good ideas can never be brought up too often. I shall break my thoughts down into three basic steps, which can apply to any move, or more accurately, any method. I must mention that I have left this particular essay for the end of the book, hoping that it will leave a lasting impact. It was originally buried near the middle but as the publication date grew closer, I happened to see several performances by two different working professionals. Although none of their actual moves ever flashed , it was quite apparent to the laymen that something sneaky was happening, even to the point of one of the performers being called a cheater several times. And the spectator was entirely correct with what she...

Visually Challenged

I received a letter some time ago from Tim Wallace, a magician who is legally blind (but is able to see things that are very close to him). Tim wrote to me because he is interested in finding magical material that he might be able to perform for other blind individuals. It's an interesting challenge, don't you think My blind assistant became a Friday night regular at the restaurant. He would come in with different groups of friends and he genuinely seemed to enjoy fooling them when he became the magician who was able to divine their selected playing cards.

Magi Or Wise Men Of The East

After the Old Testament stories about Magicians, we find scattered bits of information about the Magi or Wise Men of the East. These men lived in Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, and India. It seems that these men had gained more education than the masses of the people and consequently were admired for their knowledge. They were eager In the New Testament Simon Magus is mentioned as a Magician. He is said to have bewitched the people. Some of his wonderful feats were to make himself invisible and to free himself from bonds and chains.

Thumb Tip Manipulation

This effect involves a little manipulation which you must learn right now. It is a little sleight of hand. You show your hand apparently empty and yet conceal a thumb tip. These manipulations enable you to show thumb freely at times. You will find that it is little moves like these that help to make the MASTER MAGICIAN.

Professional Attitude

My first word to you now is to get the PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE. The purpose of my course is to make a Real Magician out of you. I want you to get Professional Skill even if you don't plan to go on the stage. By the end of this course you must be able to do tricks with the same skill as a magician in the profession. You must not be satisfied with less. I don't care whether you are taking this course for just the purpose of entertaining your own family or whether you are going on the stage -- you will be a Real Magician when you are through. There is nothing half-way about it --you are going to know Magic. The Man in the Profession knows this. He knows that the whole Science depends on these small moves and poses. So remember, give strict attention to every detail of every lesson, and regard it with the same importance that the Professional Magician does. Do not look at your hands. Always watch your hands in the mirror. Never look at them directly. If you watch your hands when performing,...

Gracing Us With The Cover

PETER EGGINK is an up-and-coming magician, lecturer, and creator of some fantastic effects such as The Melt Change and Exit that are sweeping the magic community. Born and raised in Holland, Peter has been involved in magic his entire life and is just the kind of person we want to share with you in Street Magic Magazine. In his interview he shares the ups-and-downs of pursing your goals in magic, what it's like to travel around and lecture to magicians, and how he creates new products. Peter is a normal dude just like the rest of us who loves the art and has had the tenacity and temerity to go his own road.

Introduction by Uri Geller

In a different siti ation, David Bkrglas might not have become mv i riknd. Early in my carcer. 1 was tjiiite sure that he was one of a number of magicians who saw me as the But, of course, David was always too innovative and enlightened to have an enemy. His own career points out that he values mystery and intrigue that instead of performing the tricks of other magicians, he's chosen to inspire audiences by demonstrating what might be possible. It's that inspiration and the world of wonderful possibilities which I've admired and come to respect. David's warmth, experience and wide range of interests make him unique. His willingness to share his deceptions and creations with his fellow magicians in this book is typical of his helpfulness.

Ae fradtedt Jnc Ucet in the Wmld

I have amongst my aids to card magic a couple of card indexes. They are pre-war Depot articles, beautifully and neatly made. I have used them from time to time and have always succeeded in producing the right card, but never with that careless abandon which any effect in which an index is secretly pressed into service seems to demand. I have witnessed other magicians who specialize in tricks using an index and I have marvelled at their accuracy and speed, and concluded that they had progressed in the field of index design and were, quite rightly, preserving their own secrets for personal use.

Secret And Patter

You have no doubt, heard some very interesting stories about the Hindoo Yogis. For ages these Yogis have been known for their philosophies and occult teachings. I remember one Hindoo teacher who used to teach philosophy with some interesting material illustrations. He would, for instance, take a strip of paper such I have here and tear it into many small pieces,

Trick Courtesy of Jason changkccadvisioncom

Effect This trick is exactly like the 4 Friendly Kings above. However, this variation allows for less chance of making a mistake. The magician has three Kings in his hand, and tells the audience one of their friends is missing in the forest (represented by the deck.) Then he tells of how the three Kings decide to go looking for their friend. He then squares up the Kings and puts them on top of the deck. He says the first King decides to go to the back of the forest, in case their friend came out. Magician puts the first King on the bottom of the deck. Then he says that the second of the Kings will look for the missing King inside the forest, so then he puts the second card in the middle of the deck. Lastly, he tells the audience that the third King decides he will wait for the missing King at the entrance to the forest, so he leaves the King on top. He then tells the audience that the three King's decided before they started to meet in the forest if they could not find him, to discuss...

Memories Of Abracadabra Jamboree

The highlight to our mind was the Palace Theatre Show at Redditch, which being about twelve miles outside Birmingham, was poorly attended by Magicians, but very well patronised by public. We in the south do not see As brilliant a miracle as it is possible to conceive. From the audience point of view, it is of course quite impossible, and that is just how the magician's combination of trickery, mechanical ingenuity, bluff and misdirection really should be.

Heres looking at you kid Creating the right impression

Paul Daniels is a classic example of this point. He is well aware that he is not very tall, that he is stocky, and that his body movements are quick and rather inelegant. In his early days, Paul had the intelligence to realise that his total image was unsuited to the 'full evening dressed' magician who, for example produces doves in an elegant manner. Magic in those days had more people performing in that style than in any other, but Paul felt he would look silly for the reasons given. One of his first acts therefore was a silent act to rock 'n' roll music. He also realised that his Teesside accent would be too strong for working outside his own area. We know that there are scruffy and dirty performers out there, and some of them are very skilful and or funny. But look at where they are working, and ask yourself why they are working in, for example, a magic circle club room entertaining other magicians, instead of being out there earning money

The Basic Secret Revealed

Many magicians and mentalists have tried to jump on the bandwagon. Many far-fetched ideas have been touted and are not too practical in real life. That is because these writers didn't know the real secret. In some previous writings, the authors have suggested using heat sources to form clouds (perhaps the heat from a chimney). At a pre-determined time the heat source would be cut off and the cloud would vanish.

What You Can Do With It

While most magicians and mentalists are familiar with the Si Stebbins System, very few ever really tap its true potential. Here are just some of the things you can do with it If you're an experienced card magician, the Si Stebbins System can help you expand the scope of your card work to include possibilities and outcomes that would be difficult to accomplish using sleight of hand methods alone. In addition, it can provide you with greater freedom of handling and flexibility by giving you one more means to an end.

Comments And Additions

Magician holds cigar at each end (Fig. 64). The band moves mysteriously back and forth. This works only with cigars which have band under the cellophane. Wrapper is open at both ends. The hidden thumbs squeeze ends of cigar so it moves slowly back and forth under the cellophane, making the band appear to move.

Practice Laying The Ropes On Left Hand Until You Can Get The Ropes Into Position Almost Automatically

Then the Royal Executioner placed the ropes around the magician's neck. Now the magician was a magician. Tying ropes around his neck seemed serious to him, as he thought they might hang him. He grasped the ropes with his hands and tried to get them off over his head, but he found that they were tied too tight for that. And the magician was free the ropes as solid as before. The king fell dead, the magician became king and lived happily ever after.

The Principles Of Card Effects

In Card Magic are also included the fancy sleights and flourishes that some Magicians use. These really belong to the field of the juggler, however, not to the magician. My aim is to teach you Magic which mystifies and not jugglery which is merely a mechanical accomplishment gained from years of practice.

Page 13Profiles in Coinage

Comment, Any magician worth his salt can bring the coin back Lift up the shaker to reveal the coin (photo 28). It is basic human nature to stop looking for something once it has been found (duh ), so most folks will relax immediately at this point and just assume it's the same coin. Because of the duplicate scratch you made and the same date, even the skeptics will believe it is the same coin. You should get yet another powerful response here. This next phase is a minor variation on an effect that to magicians is a tired old trick, but to laymen it's a very strong piece of magic. Set the coin on the center of your pad and set the shaker on top of the coin. Remove the napkin and cover the shaker with it, forming the napkin around the shaker. Ask Earl to put his cupped hands under the table, directly beneath the shaker. State that you will cause the coin to penetrate through the table and into his hands. Press firmly down on the shaker withyour right hand. Ask Earl if the coin has...

How to use Comedy and how not to

We mentioned earlier that a common trap that many magicians and other entertainers fall into is that they try to use comedy to support or prop up an inherently weak act. The reality is that your act must already be strong for the comedy to be successful. It's an enhancement of the magic, not a device to try and cover up poor planning and practice. We make no apology for emphasising this again.

Sure Winner Spelling

The magician takes eleven cards, A to J inclusive, and holds them face down. He slaps the packet twice and turns up the top card, it is an A. He puts the next card under the others. He turns up the new top card, it is the deuce. Proceeding in the same way, one card dealt face up, the next one placed under the others, the cards come out in order from A to J. Picking up the packet the magician slaps it once and repeats the same deal, but this time only the odd cards come out in rotation. Again he deals as before but without slapping the packet and the cards come out hopelessly mixed. He hands the packet to a spectator and he deals them in the same way but again they are mixed up. Taking the packet once more the magician slaps it twice and deals them as before, one out and one under, and the cards come out in proper rotation from A to J.

Developing Your Performance Character

David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Lance Burton, Paul Daniels - you know the names very well. If you have ever watched these magicians' shows however, you will have noticed just how different their performance styles are. Yes, their effects and illusions normally follow standard principles of magic, but they all manage to present a unique show. There is an important lesson here.

Play Up Your Individuality

Do not try to imitate the feature effects of your brother magicians. You will only bungle them and make yourself ridiculous. They have years of study and experience back of their effects and you cannot hope in such a short time to compete with them. Each of the masters has his original effects which suit his individuality. These effects, however, may not suit your individuality. So because LeRoy vanishes from a box high in the air and suddenly appears with a hat and overcoat on and burning cigarette in his mouth on the piano in the orchestra, this does not mean that you should try to do this. Because Houdini gets out of seventeen pairs of handcuffs is not a reason for your trying to imitate him. Thurston, Blackstone, Laurant, Downs, Manual all do their feature performances in their own inimitable way. A real master does not attempt to imitate the other. He realizes that his success lies in his own individuality and originality, not in those of another man.

The Different Forms of

The previous chapter contained examples of two entirely different forms of art. The portrait in the first was static it exists to be viewed and appreciated and is completed. The symphony, on the other hand, is moving. Although a musical expert might look at the manuscripts of the composition and know what it will sound like when played, a true appreciation can only come from its performance. That performance will determine how well the piece is presented and how it influences us. It is interesting to note that although many would consider a concert to be an expression of art, a poor performance will not lesson the artistic value of a piece of music that is recognized to be great. So the artistic nature of music is determined by the composition itself, the performance of the piece, and how the music affects our senses. As we progress in our study of magic, it will be important to keep this in mind.

Whether It fooled

I'm continually amazed by how much importance magicians give to whether a trick fooled them. Most magicians think that the greatest possible praise for a trick is, It totally fooled me. My response is, Who cares It's nothing personal. I'm just as likely to think, Who cares when If you seriously believe that whether a trick fooled you should be a major factor in deciding whether to perform it, it can only mean one of two things. First, you're mainly interested in performing for people who think like you do, which is to say, other magicians. In that case, do yourself a favor and list this book on eBay as soon as possible. Needless to say, such magicians never find their ideal. But, credit card in hand, they continue pursuing their dream. In the process, they make the dreams of many magic dealers come true. I'm nor really worried that you fall into this category. You wouldn't be reading this book if you did. I felt, however, that I should mention it for the sake of completeness. If...

Card Spelling De Luxe

After having the pack cut several times, a spectator is requested to cut the cards wherever he pleases while the magician's back is turned, remove the top card, note what it is, insert that card in the middle of the pack and then place the whole pack in the outside pocket of his coat.

The Kingpin Of Magical Ingenuity

The routine is too long to be described in full, and, in fact, the way the trick is constructed lends itseif to so many various routines that almost all magicians will work it differently. A Cut-Out Rabbit is taken from the magician's hat and placed in the compartment at one end, and performer says he will make it pass to the compartment at the other end. Whilst he is talking THE RABBIT IS SEEN TO CREEP ACROSS TO THE OTHER END Magician tells children if they see him go they are to call and let him know. The magician tries again, but this time before he can get really started, A LITTLE RABBIT'S HEAD POPS ROUND FROM THE FAR END OF THE FRAME. When the magician looks, the Rabbit immediately Vanishes Now begins the game of hunt the bunny, and magician can make the tips of the ears shoot from one end to the other. The doors are constantly opened at each end alternatively, but the Rabbit is never located.

The Penetrating Ring Effect

Magician takes two rubber bands and twists them around each finger of his right hand. An examined nickeled ring is placed on the first joint of the second finger. Attention is called to the fact that it cannot slip down to the base of the finger because the rubber bands prevent it from doing so. In a moment, however, the ring passes the bands and slides down to the base of the finger. The rubber bands are still around all the fingers and the ring seems to have penetrated them. Then the magician slips the ring off his finger again, apparently right through the rubber bands.

Take Me To Your Leader

The way I do it and present it must have made almost an entirely new effect out of it, because a magician I taught it to, recently did it for Mr. Cummings and Walter didn't recognize it at all. ACH magician has his own favorite effect or routine and that's as it should be. I know that if I want to impress someone, and I have time to do only one stunt, I would do my ambitious card routine. If the right hand is tilted downward, the audience can't see the single thickness. (See Fig. 34.) The left hand continues forward for the selected card to be replaced right hand replaces its one card and the move is done. (I've seen this sleight ruined when the magician jerked his right hand as if he were going to throw the one card over his left shoulder The right hand should move as little as possible, after it lifts the one card. The only movement I use is a downward tilt. The sleight must look as it does when you really do break the deck where you're stopped.) The set-up is simple From top of...

Q What is your response to those who might consider your effects too magicy

As for magicians, they LOVE the kind of practical and entertaining mentalism I create. They appreciate the commercial perspective of my effects and the simplicity of method that enables them to devote more time to their presentations. I think that most of my peers in mentalism share that enthusiasm as well.

Cards That Pass In The Night

This is my version of the famous Thirty Card Trick or The Cards from Pocket to Pocket, which has been so popular with conjurers. Every magician of note has his own angles of working this effect and various sleights which he uses in accomplishing it. I have used many ways in presenting this experiment, but the one that I am going to teach you is my favorite method.

A terrific effect quick startling almost magical but dont try it until you have had lots of experience

Magician shuffles pack, shows top card and places it in his pocket. He shows the next card, places it face down on the table and asks spectator to hold his hand over it. Magician removes his card from pocket face down. He and spectator turn their respective cards face up at the same instant, and lo and behold, the cards have changed places

Audiences are all Different

So how do you, the humble magician cope with all these varieties Well, it's simply not practical to have a different act for every type of audience you might come across, nor should you attempt that. But if you are aware of what you are likely to face, you can make small adjustments. You will build up experience in this regard very quickly.

Its Not What You Do Its the Way That You Do It

Even the performers who seem to adopt a very specific character part still tend to stay within their own natural characteristics. Tommy Wonder, beloved of many magicians, performs antique style magic, in a gentle, elegant way. If you meet Tommy offstage, that's the kind of person he is. The same can be said of the majority of successful magicians - whether they realise it or not, they bring out and expand on existing qualities to create their on stage persona. We have already asked you to read about acting, and with that will come the learning of stagecraft, body language etc. We also asked you to observe yourselves. Whereas it is true that you are 'acting' the part of a magician, and that it's possible within that role to be a character, say from the past or future, isn't it interesting that the really big names of magic have all played the part of the magician in an enlarged version of their own personality. By all means watch and learn from other magicians, but as we've said, don't...

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