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A new column with a new name. From one point of view, we generally live in well-travelled ruts, endlessly repeating our yesterdays, and so the idea of being able to start over again, really to begin anew, is rarely given to us. From another point of view, every moment of our lives IS already new and change is happening always, forever and ever, everywhere—from the farthest star to the seemingly most insignificant cell in our bodies. So which is it?

Well, how you judge these things depends upon your own perspective. It depends upon how YOU are looking at--and evaluating--them. Much the same is true of our relationship to our magic. The quality of this relationship (or as we might say, what we "get" from our relationship to our magic) depends to a large degree upon how much interest, dedication and energy we want to give it. In short, it all depends upon me.

Some time ago, I received a series of questions from Martin Goluchowski who, at the time, was in high school and doing his senior project about magic. Interviewing various magicians was a major part of his project and I was one of those selected. I've always taken school projects seriously, so I answered Martin's questions. Then I realized that Martin's questions would serve as an excellent introduction of "me" to any new readers.

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