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While the need to transpose the top and bottom cards of the deck in an unobvious manner may not arise that often, there are occasions when a method for achieving this little task would be helpful. Here are two simple yet clever Elmsley solutions to the problem.

First Solution: In a relaxed moment, as you are talking and nonchalantly toying with the pack, take the cards into overhand shuffle position. Draw off the top and bottom cards together in a "milking" action, and drop the balance of the pack onto the pair. Again draw off the top and bottom cards, and this time drop the pack beneath them. Milk the top and bottom cards from the pack a third time, and drop the pack onto them. The original top card is now at the face of the deck, and the original bottom card is on top. The three milking actions, when done in quick succession, resemble an indifferent and purposeless shuffle.

Second Solution: Again the proper attitude for this sequence is one of casual toying with the cards. Hold the pack face-down in left-hand dealing position. With the right hand, simultaneously draw off the top and bottom cards and insert them together into the center of the pack. As you do this, fan the bottom card of the two a bit to the right; then, as you push the two cards into the deck, let the right inner corner of the lower card jog from the right side of the pack. Immediately pull downward with the tip of the left fourth finger on this protruding corner, and form a break between the buried pair of cards as you push the jogged one square.

If you now perform a double undercut, making the second cut at the fourth finger's break, you will find the original top and bottom cards of the pack returned to those positions, but each now rests in the other's place.

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