W J Atkinson

gave an Exhibition with COINS and CARDS, where he was highly commended for his neat act.

W. J. ATKINSON, King's Arms Hotel, Dalton-in-Furness.

pONJURING ENTERTAINMENT for Parties, Schools, Concerts.—Address, Prof. Donn, 13 Haberdasher Street, N.

■YVTANTED, Secretaries, Caterers, &c., of Fetes, vv Galas, &c., to write Voleay for terms and particulars. Please see card.

-rtrANTED, Old Conjuring Books, Fekes and Ap-vv paratus.—Walters, Kingsland Villa, Woodford, Essex.

T WILL BUY a good Stage Illusion if offered at a -1- Bargain.—Clinton Burgess, 272 West 118th St.. New York City.

to advertisers.

If your advertisement appears in Magic it will reach those who want what you can supply.

The Circulation of Magic is guaranteed.

Magic is posted each month to the chief

Institutes and Polytechnics throughout the United Kingdom.

Secretaries of Social, Political, and Sporting Clubs, and to those who are in the habit of giving Enter» tainments, At Homes, Concerts, &c.


We undertake to design and word your Programmes, Letterheads, &c., in a manner so attractive that they cannot fail to bring you good business. Estimates on Printing, Lithographing, &c., furnished per return.

We also supply from any Photo or Sketch sent, finest quality half-tone and Line Blocks and this at a price that defies competition. Half-tone (on copper, dj^in. x 3m.) from Cabinet Photo, price, 12/6 ; Postage, 6d. extra.

We will make you this extra-fine quality Half-tone, on copper, from any Cabinet photo, and insert the same with 12 lines of reading matter in MAGIC, one insertion, for 20/-; this offer is good but for a short time, as it is made to advsttise our work which is far superior to any that can be obtained elsewhere.

Line Blocks, from your sketch, per sq. in., 4-}4d. Minimum charge, 4/6.

Exact copies of your Front Page of " Magic" to form Circulars, per 500, 12/6 ; per 1,000, 21/-Artistes own Programmes, Circulars, &c., inserted loose, in " Magic " per 1,000, 10/-Blank and Red Pip Playing Cards printed to your order. A novelty. Per 1,000, 10/6.

Lessons given in Sleight of Hand, Juggling, Hand Shadows, Sc., by Prof. ELLIS STANYON, per Lesson, 15/- ; per course of Six Lessons, £3 3s.

Send One Stamp for further particulars & samplws of above to


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