Toothache Instantly Cured

Send Two Stamps for trial Sample. A. MITCHELL, 3 Burnett Place, Bradford. Use Mitchell's " Easy Mary '' Metal Cream.

T^oR SALE, Mechanical Pull, cost 7/6, never used, -F 5/- ; also Handkerchief Tube (brass), cost 5/6, cheap, 4/-.—Noble, Lily Street, Sunderland.

miscellaneous Advertisements.

T3 ARE Opportunity. — Programmes of old-time magicians. Phillippe Sutton, Buck ; and press notices of Anderson, 1837 ; very scarce ; what offers—Arthur Margery, 52 Henry Street, Kennington, S.E.

Ground to let for Portable Shows, etc. Central, adjoining Market Place.—Walker, Navigation Inn, King's Norton. 2

The Modern Magician,

American Mystifier,


Rupture Relieved and often Cured by the use of our Patent Truss Invention. — The Lancet. Oct. 3rd, 18S5 says: " It is comfortable, adapts itself readily to the movements of the body, and is very effective." British Medical Journal, May, 1885, says: " It is a very ingenious and successful truss." Medical Times and Hospital Gazette, 1885, says : "Hodges and Co., have for years past devoted their attention and skill to the improvement of trusses, for the treatment of various kinds of Hernia, following the principles laid down by Professor Wood of King's College Hospital." Particulars, Hodges & Co., 80 College Street, Chelsea, London, W.

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