Toothache Instantly Cured

Send Two Stamps for trial Sample. A. MITCHELL, 3 Burnett Place, Bradford. Use Mitchell's " Easy Mary " Metal Cream.

a STARTLING ILLUSION. Lady disappears from ^^ stage surrounded by committee and instantly appears in auditorium. No traps, no optics, 110 glasses whatever.—Particulars, DeVere, 13 Passage Saulnier, Paris. Postage to France 2%d.

T^OR SALE, Handcuff Trick, 8/6 ; Two Ariel I Treasury Spider Feks, 2/6 Pair ; Mechanical Pull for vanishing Handkerchief, 3/6 ; Flying Birdcage, 9/6. All new. Take, 20/- lot.—Bretna, 33 Crofton Park Road, Brockley, London.

■p EQUIRES 110 Stage Traps, no Optics, 110 Glasses, La Belle Adrienne. Entirely new Lady Vanish surrounded by committe, selected from amongst audience.—Particulars, De Vere, Paris (see above).

"pEROC," Illusionist, no connection with any -f tramp Magician, presents the unique programme, part or whole engagements. All Sleiglit-of-Hand. Little apparatus ; much done. Open only for Clubs, Socials, etc.; no stages ; all tricks connected.—Address see Card.

WANTED to Purchase, "DerZauberspiegel," vol.1. - Prof. Hoffmann, 19 Linton Road,Hastings.

Printed for the Proprietors by Pollock & Co., 81, Mortimer Street, London, w.

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality Entertainers.

VOL. I. NO. IO. Entered at Stationers Hall.

JULY, 1901.

Annual Subscription, by Post, 5s. 6d. $1.50. Single Copy, by Post, - - ; 15 cents.

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