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"MAGIC" is not supplied through any agent and tan only be obtai?ied direct from the publishing office, 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N. W.

Sam pie Copy of " MAGIC."—This copy is a genuine sample of " Magic," i.e. the subsequent numbers will equal in every way, if not surpass, the present one.

You are requested to keep this sample copy and to show it to your friends, but should it meet your approval we shall be glad to receive your Annual Subscription of 5/6. In the event of your not wishing to become a subscriber, may we ask that you will kindly support "Magic," by forwarding to this office the sum of in stamps, the price of the present number.

We shall be pleased to supply the subsequent numbers, ready on the first of each month, on receipt of the same amount in stamps.

Your Annual Subscription and recommendation in support of " Magic " is respectfully solicited.

Please note that Advertisements will not be allowed to encroach on the space set apart for reading matter ; when necessary, extra pages will be added.

Advertisements and all matter for publication on the first of the month must reach us not later than the 21st of the preceding month.

Subscribers and Advertisers are requested to take particular note that Mr. Eujs Stanyon does hereby guarantee to run '' Magic " for a period of not less than twelve months, and to distribute not less than 1,000 copies per month ; also that " Magic " will be placed before the Secretary or Manager of every well known Music Hall, Club, or Entertainment Bureau, not only in London and the Suburbs, but all over the civilized world.

Our desire is to benefit all persons interested in Magic. Kindly send us the address of any you may know; also all news appertaining to Magic and Magicians.

We will publish, and give credit to persons sending to us, any New Sleight, Subtlety, Complete Trick, or Novel Combination of Tricks.

Mr. Ei*us Stanyon will feel greatly obliged to anyone who will notify him of any work (Book, Pamphlet, Periodical, Magazine article or the like) on Conjuring &c., not included in his " Bibliography."

We would draw particular attention to the above Pars, which we feel sure must appeal to all interested in magic. A few lines will bring your wants before the whole community of magicians, and, in any event, an interesting and profitable correspondence must result. A small advertisement from every conjurer will at the same time, ensure the success of "Magic," and thus sustain a medium indespensable to the Magical Fraternity.

A line from you with a little news, also a miscellaneous or other advertisement (especially professional card) per return in time for the next issue is respectfully solicited ; as is also an Annual Subscription of 5/6.

The contents of '' Magic '' will not clash with our serial works on Up-to-date Tricks, which we shall continue to publish at intervals as heretofore.

N.B. Next month this column will contain the first of a series of illustrated articles on Lightning Sketches by Mr. Elws Stanyon. In the absence of any work on this subject it is anticipated the articles will prove of great interest to readers of "Magic."

Lessons in Qiagig.


Author of " Conjuring for Amateurs," " Conjuring with Cards," " New Coin Tricks,'' &c., &c.

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