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This issue of Magic completes the First Volume, and in presenting the same to our readers we feel we must ask their indulgence while we congratulate ourselves on having accomplished what many friends thought impossible, and what some, hardly to be considered friends, did not desire to see us accomplish; the latter class, who doubtless consider themselves good conjurors, were not cute enough in this case to allow for contingencies.

Well, Vol. 1 of Magic is complete, and it has been produced, without cessation, 011 the first of each month in accordance with our guarantee, and, we are glad to say, with some success. Further, if the testimony of our numerous readers is anything -to go by— and we consider it is an improvement has been visible from start to finish," and "the paper has surpassed all expectations."

Any success is, of course, due mainly to the generous support we have received from all parts of the world, and we now desire to tender to all and sundry our sincere thanks ; and also, and what, perhaps, is of very great importance, to solicit a continuance of the same, and where possible, more generous support in connection with our Second Volume, that we may permanently increase the size of the paper.

We would not complain, but considering the large number of persons known to be interested in conjuring, we should have thought the number of annual subscribers would have been greater. Perhaps many were dubious about our guarantee ; that is perfectly natural, and we are philosophical enough, though lacking, to know that the conduct of others reflects On ourselves. Allowance has also been made for the bad start we had, due to the depression of trade by the prolongation of hostilities in South Africa, and the sudden cessation of work amongst entertainers generally through the death of our beloved Queen. Now, however, anticipating a goor! season all round, and a little more faith in coyinection with our Second Volume, we hope to make Magic of even better value than hitherto, and of still greater interest to the magical fraternity.

Any lack of advertisements in the past has been due, doubtless, to the causes above noted, but we would particularly call the attention of all who may be desirous of handling a sixteen-page Magic each month, to the necessity of their support in this ■ direction. A small advertisement from every reader would j accomplish all this, and our Editor, who is constantly complaining \ of want of space, would be able, each month, to dispose of a few more lessons, ideas of others, facsimile programmes, hand shadows, ! chapeaugraphy, explanatory programmes, interesting articles, ! scientific experiments, illusions, etc., etc., all of which, with many j more, will be features in the coming volume. In a word, by \ advertising you popularize your name, you stand to gain on the merits of your advertisement, and you also have the satisfaction of knowing that your support will enable us to increase the number of pages, and thus to give you a larger quantity of valuable information each month.

Several attempts have been made to found a " Magical Society," regretably, with little or no success, the reason being, doubtless, due to the absence of any periodical and the consequent exclusion of all conjurors resident in the country and abroad. We would now suggest that Magic acts the part of such a society, and one in which all, 110 matter where domiciled, can take a lively interest. At present, the Office of Magic is open at any time, by appointment, to all who would care for a chat with the Editor on conjuring and allied arts, and the time and space will be extended as occasion demands. You are asked to support the paper ; there are 110 fees.

Much opposition is dead, and much more shows signs of weakness ; but this, beyond showing that our efforts are appreciated, is of no great consequence. Our idea has always been, "the more, the merrier.'' Popularize the art!

Finally, we would request that you send us your opinion of Vol.i, also any suggestion for the improvement of the second and subsequent volumes.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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