The Great Magician


WBI «ft It» above Kvaaiag tatroduee, 1>ii puiiiivelj oari vailed erperfmeou, illuaiative of the miraculou» Feata attributed to the dwflir MeficiaM, rtiniisfci m. lli li>" Brahuins, follower« of Zoroeaier ud Hindoo Jujlers, forming a BAOl^ FEAST, which for lie tpleedour &«d Magnlficencc of bi* phyaical Cabinet, poeiitvely stand* unrivalled fa the World


Thlt extraordinary Pmfeeeor bu eel.« lately a a ved from his Rrand Tour in «even! of the Ptiraian Provincea, the W«« Indie*, South Am«fiee, and laaily the United Ste'e« or America He haa witnewed the performance* of the Magician«. Conjurer». K*. crotn near«, Ac . f alowt even nation on the Gloha, from the Great MolUh of PeraU, (o the cunning Medicine Mm of the North Americas Indian«; end ft it only neiwiary «0 add that Mr. SUTTON ha, diligently availed him.e'f of theee unprecedented •ppertunHJea. 1 he intended Spectator after reading the above announcement will expect to witneas an entertainment entirely different ft*« the exhibition of Utb ceutttry—and most wau redly he will, every part of the exhibition ia offoroig» extraction (e*. «•pi the uhibiior). _

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