South African Notes

Professor Albert, Conjurer and Ventriloquist, has just left Cape Town for the north on a trip, I hear he is shortly to meet a Company at Port Elizabeth, with whom he will tour the Eastern provinces.

It is rumoured that De Caston and Bosco, Junr., Conjurers, have purchased from Professor Albert his illusion, " The Human Spider," which they will show in Cape Town. We hope their enterprise will be rewarded with good success.

Frank De Gruchy has been filling private engagements with his " Drawing Room " magic.

Professor Fezo is now showing at Dawes, New Palace of Varieties, Cape Town.

Mr. Heyer recently gave a concert at Woodstock, near Cape Town, followed by "a short magic séance entertainment, entitled, "A Midnight Tragedy," during which the sensational "Decapitated Head " trick will be shown, which is Mr. Heyers own invention."— Vive Press. A later press notice says of this Séance : "The magic séance being both amusing and mystical." Mr. Heyer has left for Worcester, Cape Colony.

T. Hayes, Magician.

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