South African Notes

The Magical Fraternity are still quiet in this part of the world, as far as public appearances, but all are busy in their own " dens," working out new ideas and arranging programmes. —April 1st.

I have had visits from several of them lately.

Professor Aj.bert, Conjuror and Ventriloquist, who has just returned from his tour, called a few days since (in company with De Caston). He has received most favorable "opinions" in the Press throughout his wanderings. One "cutting" he showed 111e compared his work with that of such men as Servais le Roy and Carl Hertz, who had visited the same town, saying it was equal to any. His "handcuff feat" has brought him great renown. île is looking very well after his trip. He has secured a mouth's engagement at the " Alhambra," Cape Town.

De Caston reports several offers of engagements. He is busy, I understand, at his new programme for the coming season.

De Gruchy, who spent an evening with me recently, is working up some novel effects with cards and coins, and is also elaborating his ventriloquial sketch. He showed me some original " moves."

Bosco, Jun., has been keeping up his reputation as a conjuror at various " smoking concerts " and variety shows, and has obtained a good reputation.

I had a letter a few days since from Mr. Bert Powell, up-to-date magician. He writes from Lydenburg, Transvaal, in which locality he is worthily upholding the prestige of the magician. He is, like all good conjurors, looking out for " original novelties."

The money market here being seriously depressed through the prolongation of the war, and a visitation of the Bubonic Plague, has naturally rendered "sales" nowhere, so to speak, but there has been a considerable amount of "trading" done by "exchange," &c.

I should like to intimate to all conjurers in this country, or who may come here, that I am always glad to receive a call from them, or, failing that, to open a correspondence. Any assistance I can render them is at their disposal. T. Hayes, Magician.

[ We have appointed Mr. C. Hayes (Magician) as South African Correspondent to Magic. Mr. Hayes, who has supported Magic from the outset, wishes us to state that he does not act in this capacity for any other paper, and that any statement to the contrary has been made without his consent.—Editor.]

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