South African Notes

Bert Powell, the Military Mystic is still at Lydenberg, Transvaal. He reports Conjuring as highly appreciated in those parts and is arranging some '' eye openers.''

Hayes, De Caston and De Greechy are running their " triple alliance " of Conjuring, Ventriloquism and Juggling, with success. The show has been well received and is well spoken of.

Bosco, jnr., is still here.

Vox, the Conjuror, and Moris, Conjuror and Chain-breaker, are also in Capetown but are not showing j ust now.

Prof. Albert, Conjuror and Ventriloquist, is filling engagement at the Alhambra, Capetown. Bradlaugh, the American Humorist, is drawing well in his turn at the Alhambra.

South Africa, May 8th. T. Hayes, Magician.

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