South African Notes

Conjuring generally has been looking up. It seems to be getting more popular for winter entertainments, for schools, temperance societies, smokers, etc.

Professors Hayes, Malvern, and De Caston, who have united their forces, and are billed as " The Magical Trio," have been fairly busy. Their show consists of Conjuring, Ventriloquism, and Juggling—with illusions. They appeared in a short turn at the Good Hope Hall, Capetown, 011 Whit Monday.

Prof. De Gruchy is busy at Concerts and Smokers with his Conjuring and Ventriloquial Sketch.

Prof. Albert has left here and will now I presume be in London. He will doubtless be on the look out for novelties.

Bert Powell, the Military Mystic, is still at Lydenburg, Transvaal, where he is astonishing the natives.

Bradlaugli, the American Humourist, is still filling dates in Capetown.

Professor De Caston has added Juggling to his conjuring shows, and is making rapid progress towards a good " turn " in this art.

Professor Hayes is busy with Drawing-room Entertainments at private parties, Schools, etc. He had the honour of appearing at a children's party, in the drawing-room at the Government House, Newlands, near Capetown, 011 the evening of the 30th May, 1901, where he gave an hour's entertainment in sleight-of-hand.

South Africa, 5th June, 1901. T. Hayes, Magician.

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