South African Notes

Prof. Albert is still touring the towns of our Eastern Provinces and Press Notices show he is making a big hit with his Handcuff Trick.

Mr. Heyer was in Cape Town again recently, but I believe he leaves shortly.

Frank De Gruchy is preparing an ' Eye Opener' for his big engagement at the "Good Hope Hall" for Christmas and New Year. He gives both afternoon and evening turns I hear.

Bosco, Junior, is continually in evidence. I hear of him here, there, and everywhere, he is coming to the fore. He had quite an ovation recently.

Prof. De Caston has many dates booked ahead. He is accepting engagements for garden parties, etc., as well as his evening shows. He is now adding to his programme the " Indian Sack Trick " in combination with " Handcuffs " a novelty which takes well.

T. HAYES, Magician.

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