South African Notes

I think I may report a slight improvement in Conj uring generally.

Professor Albert is showing his handcuff feat in which he fairly astounds the audience, and the detectives who fastened him, by his rapid escapes.

De Caston is still in Cape Town. He seems fairly busy just now with " Smokers "and Private Concerts.

Bosco, Junior, keeps " going." I saw him a few weeks ago give a show at one of our Suburban Halls and a very creditable " turn" it was. He is billed for a big show in Cape Town, I see, in a few days ; I will send '' notices'' later. (This show proved a decided success, and established Bosco as a Magician.—Ed).

All the conjurors here are looking forward to the advent of Magic. We expect great things of this new Magical Paper. The trade in apparatus and tricks is still very dull.—T. Hayes.

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