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In the City Churchyard of Aberdeen, under the shadow of St. Nicholas Tower, near a path which runs from the entrance beside St. Mary's Chapel at the south to the gateway in School Hill at the north, stands a simple slate tombstone bearing the unpretentious inscription :—

" Erected by John Anderson in memory of his beloved mother, Mary Robertson, who died 8th January, 1830, aged 40."

Beneath this in small italic letters is the quaint stanza :

Yes ! she had friends when Fortune smil'd—it frown'd— They knew her not! She died The Orphans wept—but liv'd to Mark this Hallow'd Spot.

Mary Robertson was the mother of John Henry Anderson, the once famous, now well-nigh forgotten, Wizard of the North, whose " magic " used to electrify alike the young and old of Scotland and England in the forties, fifties, and sixties of the last century. And underneath that little monument also lies all that remains of the magician himself, "unwept, unhonoured, and unsung," so far as any testimony on the tombstone is concerned.

Lightning 5ketCkes.

By Ellis Stanyon.

{Concluded from page 38.)

The drawing hereunder forms a simple outline sketch of a face whichever way it b2 presented, as drawn or turned upside down.

Reversible Mask.

Instructions for enlarging these drawings by a simple process will be found explained at length in our last article.

In this series of short articles it has been the province of the writer to introduce a series of novelties for Lightning Sketch artistes rather than to teach the art. In conclusion he has only to hope that his efforts have served a double purpose in suggesting something useful to skilled artistes, and in drawing the attention of others, not previously interested, to an instructive and pleasing pastime alike to themselves and those they would entertain.


Compiled with Notes by Ellis Stanyon. Ably assisted by Mr. Arthur Margery. ' (Continued from page 77).

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Among many curious revelations in the book is a comp elucidation given for the first time of the New Marvell Lightning Thought Transference.

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lete lous

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Bursill, Henry. Hand Shadows. Novel and amusing figures formed by the hand, from original designs. London and New York. ? 1859. Quarto. 32 illustrations. Very rare. A copy of this work also published in Germany. Quotations for any work In this list may be had on application to the Office of " MAGIC."

To be continued.

Items of Interest.

The "People's Journal," Glasgow, June ist, JIV a 1901, contains the first instalment of an article en-T^J^F titled, "The Life Story of John Henry Anderson, The Wizard of the North." The same issue also contains an interesting article entitled, "Can Spirits be Materialized," which refers to a challenge, made through the " Referee," accepted by Mr. J. N. Maskelyne, of the Egyptian Hall, to investigate the phenomenon known as " Spirit Materialization.

Verto, Australian Magician, with company, creates somewhat of a sensation in his up-to-date programme of Conjuring, Illusions, and Georgia Magnet Tricks. One of the items reads:—" Mask-lyn's Mysterious Box introduced by Verto, assisted by Miss Millie Richardson. (This Box Trick is causing great excitement in London. Maskylyn is now offering ^"looo to any person opening same. )

In connnection with the " Bibliography of Conjuring," now running in these pages, the Editor desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to Dr. Saram R. Ellison, of New York, for the loan of his voluminous type-written catalogue. (See Note on p. 79).

On June 15, Messrs. Martinka & Co., held a social .evening at their place of business on Sixth Avenue. They had fixed up a stage in their large shop, having curtained the walls, benches, etc., and had placed chairs for the guests to witness the performance. The different magicians present were each, in turn, called upon to work at least one trick, preferably that in which they were most expert. Many had brought their wives, and refreshments were served during the evening. Among those present were Bertram, Ransom, Reeder, Walsh, Ankle Plate, Werner, Wilder, Sheck, Muller, Bucha (Kellar & Co.), and Dr. S. R. Ellison. The evening was a success and will, doubtless, be repeated.

Anent the Chinese Fish Catching Trick which everybody is working, is not this a little overdone at this date and does it not confirm the idea that Eastern conjurers are 110 more prolific than their Western confreres. Fish catching and Back Hand Coin and Card palming are now stale, in fact worked and exposed to death. Who will be first with something new ?

. What would Houdin think of the return to the Flowing Robe— worse—the use of a counterpane for magical productions ?

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