Pupils Taken

76 Solent T(oad, West Tjampstead, London, JfW.


High=class flagical Apparatus, Juggling Goods, Stage Illusions,

Electrical Hand Shadow and other Apparatus, Automata, Ventriloquial, Harionette, Punch and Judy Figures, etc., etc. Inventors of Paper-Folding (Trouble-wit) as a Stage Feat.

Books by H. J. Burlingame.—"Tricks in Magic" (3 vols.) Each vol. by post, 1/2. " Recollections of Houdin " 1/1 ; " Leaves from Conjurer's Scrap Books " 8/6 ; "Around the World with a Magician and a Juggler," 5/3 ; " Herrmann: His Life, His Tricks, "5/6 ;

All Illustrated.

Seriiil Wopks 0« Magic. By Ellis Stanyon. " New Coin Tricks," vols. I & II; " New Handkerchief Tricks " ; " New Card Tricks " on the Reverse and Continuous Back and Front Palm, 20 Illustrations. "New Miscellaneous Tricks." All illustrated. Each post free, 3s. (75 cts.). Comprehensive List of Tricks & Books, post free, 7d. (15 cts.). List of Latest Novelties, 2 i<c[. AMERICAN STAMPS AND DOLLAR NOTES MAY BE SENT IN PAYMENT.

This Page TO LET for particulars see Page 45-

Printed for th£ Proprietors by Pollock & Co., 81, Mortimer Street, I.ondon, W.

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists. Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality Entertainers.

VOL. I. NO. 7- Entered at Stationers Hall. APRIL, 1901. a" o^" t! ^ ^ fslLs.

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