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We believe the Professional Card Advertisement will go a long way to popularize the art of magic. Conjurers who advertise their name and business, or hobby, in these columns, uiider this heading, no longer remain in the land of the unknown.

If the Card be inserted with a view to securing professional engagements, all managers will be made acquainted with your wants, and all managers are on the look out for novelties. Don't hide your light under a bushel.

To collectors of magical curios, and to all those who practice the art chiefly as a hobby we particularly recommend the Card Advertisement as a cheap Displayed Announcement of your requirements. SPECIMEN :


Collector of Magical Curios, Books, Programmes, &c., &c.—Office of Magic.

We would suggest that collectors of things magical write to one another with a view to an exchange of curios, photos, books, programmes, apparatus, &c., &c. In any event a Card Advertisement must bring you a pleasant and profitable correspondence ; but what is, perhaps, of greater importance, your support in this way will greatly assist in sustaining a medium indispensable to the magical fraternity,

We are assured that there are magicians in all parts of the world, The Cape, India, Australia, New Zealand, America and more remote parts, all speaking and writing the English language, who would gladly communicate with any number of fellow students of the art, on the above lines, did they but know their address and wants. The price of a Card Advertisement is only i/-, or per annum 8/6, and this will put you in communication with, and bring you suggestions and novelties from magicians in every clime.

We would ask all Entertainers, who having paid for the insertion of a front page Interview, or other advertisement to value of 5/-, to send us the addresses of the Secretaries of the chief Institutes in their town ; we will then forward to each a copy of Magic containing the said advertisement. Make enquiries afterwards to satisfy yourself that this has been done and thus secure an opportunity of a personal introduction to a possible client. In this way the Editor hopes to be able to help Entertainers in securing business, and at the same time to still further establish Magic.

Any piece of apparatus explained in Magic is kept in stock by ellis Stanyon & Co., and price may be had on application. Beginners should note that nothing is described but what has been found practical by Mr. Ellis Stanyon after 17 years experience as a public entertainer. No extra charge is made for finest quality and finish. ELLIS STANYON & Co. are manufacturers.

Items of Interest.

A new and interesting book on Shadow Entertainments is that entitled " Les Pupazzi Noirs, (Ombres Animée) History, Construction, Working, &c. Edited by Chas. Mendel, 118 Rue d'Assas, Paris. Paris, 1900, Paper, quarto, 304 pages, 109 illustrations. The work is similar in size and style and is an admirable companion to " Les Silhouettes Animée" published in 1893 by the same firm. These works are invaluable to Entertainers giving as they do full particulars of the light, screen, &c., also full size diagrams of the accessories used in the production of the various shadows. No collection of magical literature can be considered complete without them. Either may be obtained from this office, (see advt).

"The Phantom Guards," the illusion at the Empire, is an olla-podrida of sword drill, optical illusions, and comic songs. The rehearsal having made such favourable progress, the management announced the first production of the novelty on Monday, November 26th, much earlier than had been expected.

Powell, the man of mystery, early in November, concluded a six weeks engagement at the Eden Musee, New York, where he showed for the first time the Wonderful Fish Catching Trick. He used a jointed bamboo fishing rod ; attaching a line about 10 feet long, he threw it on the stage and caught a live gold fish. The third time he threw it 011 the floor in front of the stage and caught a fish. The three live fish were placed in a bowl of water and displayed amongst the audience. The rod had a reel and the line a float The apparatus was made by Martinka & Co.

We should like to know how long a paper, whether devoted to the interests of magicians, or any other community, must run before it may be considered established. We presume, however, that if a paper shows agradual improvement from the date of its birth, without fluctuation of any kind, it may after the first few issues, be considered worthy of the patronage of all and sundry of the community it would benefit. If Magic can accomplish this, as it promises to do, it will be the first and only paper in the English language, i.e. the only paper in the English language devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, and Ventriloquists that has ever achieved so much.

Magic already has the support of Magicians in every corner of the earth, Proof of this, were such needed, exists in the fact that Annual Subscriptions were to hand from all parts of the Continent, China, Japan, East African Protectorate, Field Force (Transvaal), The Cape, India, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, United States, North and South America, and other and more remote parts, before the first copy was off the press ; and evidence of other kinds respecting the popularity and phenominal success of Magic and " New Coin Tricks " (by Ellis Stanyon) is not wanting, on the contrary, it stands out glaring in large and small type, affording one of the finest possible, at the same time, gratuitous advertisements. In a word, everybody has Magic on the brain, some from one cause, some from another : it matters not to the community the cause. MAGIC is undoubtedly established for all time.

Houdini, the King of Handcuffs, has created an enormous sensation at the Berlin Winter Gardens, and has fairly baffled the German police, who have attempted to discover his secret. He returns to the Alhambra on December 8.

Mr. Howard Thurston, an American card manipulator, made his first appearance at the Palace on Monday, November 12th. The main feature ot his entertainment is the continuous back and front pal in with cards.

Another gratuitous advertisement reads, " Who says Magic is dead? " and goes on to say, " The fact is Magic was never more popular than it is at the present time."

Clive O'Hara, Magician, is now (October 23rd) in Adelaide where he has made a successful début at the " Tivoli." The Melbourne Punch published a. photo of him in last issue. Clive O'Hara is a resident of Melbourne.

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