Pine Magical Apparatus

ILLUSIONS, TRICKS, Etc. Grand End of Century, fully illustrated BOOK CATALOGUE, free by mail for 12 stamps.

Catalogue of Parlor Tricks, free. MARTINKA A CO., MFRS.,


High-Class Magical Apparatus, Stage Illusions, &c,

Write for our celebrated Cat-a-16g with which is combined that interesting little broehure entitled " Recollections of Robert Houdin." Illustrated, and with excellent portrait of Houdin. Price 1/-, by post, 1/2,

Mammoth list of surplus stock and novelties, free. English Stamps and P.O. received

Chas. L. BURLINGAM E Co., P.O. Box 851, Chicago, U.S.A

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the Interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Cartoonists, &c.

76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.

Dear Mr.

Will you not kindly still fnrther support " MAGIC " with a renewal of your Advertisement as in present issue, or an advertisement of some kind (for rates see below)*

We shall be pleased to hear from you at any time in respect to Conjuring Apparatus or Books on Magic and Allied Arts (old or new, any language) you may have for disposal. We also hope to be favoured with a trial order, if only a small one, from lists sent you.

Card AdvevtisementH.

One Insertion r/-(25 cts.). Twelve Insertions, 8/6 ($2.00). Displayed Advertisements.

Narrow Column,*i-in. 2/6. (60 cts.) Wide Column, i-in-, 5/- ($1.25)

Miscellaneous Advertisements.

Twelve word, 4d. (10 cts.). Every extra three words, id.

Annual Subscription to "MAGIC." Post free, 5/6 ($1,50) ; Single Copy, 6^d. (15 cts.)

A small Advertisement from everyone interested would enable us to make " MAGIC " still more attractive, and to permanently increase its size. An Advertisement in "MAGIC" remains such for all time.

Your support is respectfully solicited. The favour of a reply, per return, to be in time for next issue will be esteemed.

Your faithfully, pro. Ei.lis Stanyon & Co., Editor.

Comprehensive List of Books, Magical Apparatus, &c., post free yd. List of Up-to-date Works on Magic, by ELLIS STAN VON, free.

Professional Cards.

Name and Twelve Words //- per insertion ; or per annum, 8\6 ($2.00) piepaid.

Professional Cards*


Illusionist & Shadowgraphist. 12 Albany Road, Leyton. N.E. Write for open dates. 2


^ ^ • Magician and Juggler, King's Arms Hotel, Dalton-in-Furness. 1.


The Incomparable. Alexandra Theatre, Stoke Newington. 11


Humourous and Magical Entertainer, 124 London Road, Liverpool. 7.


180 Butterbiggins Road, Glasgow. 7.

T LOUDON PALMER, j * Artiste in Sleight of Hand ( Vive Press). Kei.LY, 173 Poll ok Street, Glasgow. 2.


11 Beacotisfield Road, Southall. 10.


Sleight of Hand and Ventriloquism. 132 North Road. Bisliopston, Bristol. 7.

^ Card and Coin Manipulator, "Shrewsbury," Oakdale Rd., Streatham. 1.

Up-to-date Magician. The most brilliant Magical Act witnessed. Now abroad. 10

T P ORTLAND, j • Teacher of Sleight of Hand. Professionals & ladies taught. 11 St. Pauls Road, Canonbury, N.

Prestidigitateur. — " Fairfield," St. KiIdas Road, Stoke Newington, N. 7.


^ Sleight of Hand Novelties and Hand Shadows. 30 Darlington Road, Southsea. 11

To the Editor.

Dear Sir,—I am quite satisfied with the result of my advertisement in " Magic." There can be no doubt as to the success of your paper, even if only viewed from the point of its advertising powers.

Yours truly,

Arthur Margery.


Up-to-date Magician, 92 Dean Street, Ashton-under-Lyne. 7.



52 Henry Street, Kennington, S.E. 9.

Professional garas.

professor oakden,

Magician and Correspondent for Magic, 186 Rydal Mount, Hightown, Manchester.

' The American Magician. Artistic Legerdemain, 272 West 118th St., New York City.

"pxunning, miss kahn & kahn

Ventriloquism, Magic. Playing every Hall of note in Great Britain.

Two brilliant acts. 2


Magician & Ventriloquial Expert. Perm, address, 17 Hatfield Road, Ramsgate.


Society Conjurer, 181 Queen Victoria Street, E.C. Schools, Halls and Parties.

Humorous Coujuror, Shadowist, Exponent of the Hindoo Mystery. 33 Hartley Street, Oldham.

a h. at kin son, Sleight of Hand Expert, 159 Kings Cross Road, W.C.

Y O L R A Y, Juggler, Conjurer ^ and Clown.—6 Hart's Place, Goosegate, Nottingham. Agent, Lemare, Manchester.

professor de lylé,

Conjurer and Ventriloquial Entertainer, 126 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield,

March, igoi.

0 0

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