Pay Box Receipts

Sample Roll 9 STAMPS.

WILLIAMSON,Ticket Printer 6d. per 1,000. ashton-under-lyne,

TMPROVED Chinese Rice Bowls, both bowls ex--1- amined, no third bowl ; 3/6 free.—Prof. Nobelixj, 1 Currie Street, Duns.


Threepence Monthly.

Edited by Edwin Drew. Deals with Drama, Elocution, Church Matters, Platformism, Art, Literature, &c. Of all Agents : 53 Fleet Street ; and Universal Bureau, 37 Caversham Road, Kentish Town.

"CVALSE FINGER, Complete with Handkerchief for -1- Magical Production ; best pattern, as new ; free, 5/6.—Newton, i The Mall, Ealing, W.

"D ARE Opportunity. — Programmes of old-time magicians. Phillippe Sutton, Buck ; and press notices of Anderson, 1837 ; very scarce ; what offers.— Arthur Margery, 52 Henry Street, Ken-ningtou, S.E.


Soloist and Accompanist,

"A Spiendist Pianist." Open to Engagement.

37 Caversham Road,

Kentish Town, N.W.

miscellaneous Advertisements.



" Sound work in its pages gives it an equality with far Higher Priced Journals." Order of all Agents.


VOCALLST. Open to Engagement. ' 'Most sweet and expressive. She rendered ' Daddy ' with infinite pathos."

37 Caversham Road,

Kentish Town, N.W-

0 0

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