Notes From New York

Things here are slow magically. No magician of importance has appeared since Powell closed at Eden Musee last November. Henri French has gone to Europe, like all the rest, leaving us with a few that fill the Vaudeville dates, and Kellar and Powell, also Crane (the Irish magician), whose Egg Bag Trick and Voluble Talk takes well. Horrnimann has been on the Proctor Circuit. Week ending February 9th, we have had no magician at any of the houses.

Adrien Plate, De Villiers, Thompson (an A.I. artiste with handkerchiefs) and Ransom are working clubs with much success.

Martinka & Co., are busy up to the limit.

New York is not a good town for magicians, even Kellar gives it the go-by—they are all right to fill in with but not an entire show.

It is said that H. R. Evans (lie of "Hours with the Ghosts") will issue a book soon.

The St. Paul Globe, Dec. 30, 1900, has an expose of Herrmann's Tricks by Everett (? Boumski, Ed.) formerly assistant to Herrmann. One interested in " Magic."

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