New Method Of Forcing A Card

By Professor Hoffmann.

Palm three cards alike, say three sevens of diamonds. Offer a pack from which the seven of diamonds has been removed to a spectator to shuffle and cut. Pick up the lower half of the cut, in so doing joining to it the three palmed cards. Hand the packet then made to a second spectator and ask him to deal from it three cards, face downwards. Invite the company to choose which they please of these three cards (picking up and palming off the two not chosen) and proceed with the trick. Of course a larger number of forcing cards may be used, if preferred, but nothing is gained thereb}\

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Qiogpdphç of. Prof. Anderson


Sketches from his Note Book, Anecdotes, Incidents, etc.

(Continued from October).

He was acknowledged chief of English conjurers, possessing an amount of fame not confined to a single continent, but as great and as well recognised in frosty St. Petersburg as on the shores of '' sunny Sorento'' ; his name was as familiar to the boatman on the Mississippi as it was to the Newfoundland fisherman. At one time or another, we believe he performed in every theatre in Great Britain and Ireland ; in all the largest halls and theatres of the United States ; in Russian palaces fitted up for the occasion, and in tents pitched for the purpose, where no room large enough to hold the crowds which thronged to see him could be found,

The star of the Great Napoleon was fast sinking beneath the horizon of fame. Europe was in convulsions from the realms of the Czar to the last stone washed by the sea on the shores of Calabria, when the horoscope of the " Great Wizard of the North " began to be formed. He was born on the 14th of July, 1814. He professed magic only. We should like to learn from some " Zadkiel," or other professor of astrology, what wondrous prophecy could be deduced from the date we have given. The elderly lady attendant on his advent to the world drew auguries of future fame from contemporaneous incidents, and told of him, while yet

Muling and puking in the nurse's arms," that he would achieve a brilliant destiny, and be one of those favourites whom Fortune in maternal mood loves to dandle and play with in her lap. That he would be a Wizard, strange to say, was prognosticated of him in his very cradle.

. He who has read Ossian may imagine the scene of the Wizard's birthplace :—Morven looks on it from the distance; and Fingal must at 6ne time have strode in heroic strides over the very ground which afterwards became the kail-yard of the Wizard's father. Byron's " dark Loch-na-gar," the caves of Braemar, and even royal Balmoral, are at no great distance." Order a conveyance from Robertson's Royal Hotel at Aberdeen—one of the cosiest hotels in the three kingdoms—and having seen

Balgourie brig's black wa' "— which, of course, you are bound to do—tell your coachman to drive you, about eighteen miles out of the town, to Kincardine O'Neil, and from thence to the estate of Craigmyle, in a park upon which will be seen all that now remains of the little holding once possessed by the father of the " Wizard of the North." The old house has now been entirely removed, in order to make way for certain improvements; and the well from which his parents drew water is nearly all that marks the spot where the magician first drew breath. Many years ago Mr. Anderson offered to purchase from the I<aird of Craigmyle the house in which he was born, and the park in which it stood ; but as this would have interfered very considerably with the contemplated improvements the offer was declined, and the cottage was soon afterwards demolished.

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