New Card Tricks

As now being performed, at the Palace Theatre.

Being the fifth of a series of novel works on Conjuring and Kindred Arts By Prof. ELLIS ST AN YON.

Chap. i.—-Novel and original sleights, including the new Reverse and Continuous Back and Front Palm, and the production of the Cards one by one from the back of the hand. Chap. 11.— New Tricks, Combinations, &c., &c. Chap. ill.—A novel collection of Tricks made possible by the new Reverse and continuous back and front palm. London, 1900. Paper 24pp. Illustrated with numerous specially prepared blocks. Post free, 3/-. (75 cts.).

N.B.—For the new " Rising" Card Trick (Palace Theatre) see

"Magic " for February, 1901. Annual Sub. 5/6 ($1.50).

No. I.—"New Coin Tricks" (First Series). Containing "The Miser,s Dream" as performed at the Palace Theatre (1899) Illustrated. Post free, 3/- (75 cts.).

No. 2.—"A Bibliography of Conjuring." Particulars of 300 works 011 magic. 1/1 (25 cts).

No. 3.—"New Coin Tricks " (Second Series). Illustrated. Post free, 3/-(75 cts.).

No. 4.—"New Handkerchief Tricks." Illus. Post free, 3/-(75 cts.).

No. 6.—" New Miscellaneous Tricks." Illus. Post free, 3/- (75 cts.).

No. 7.—"Juggling Tricks."—In preparation. Many other to follow.

Comprehensive List of Tricks and Books, free, 7d. List of Latest Novelties,2 ."2d. AMERICAN STAMPS & DOLLAR NOTES ACCEPTED.

Inventors, Manufacturers and Importers of Hign=class riagical Novelties.


Mons. Paul Cinquevaixi juggling Hat and Umbrella on end of Mandoline while he plays an uninterrupted and well-rendered Solo on the instrument.

5o magic.

March, 1901.

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