MYstic Illupiptio Bt The 0DELPHI

In honor of the WIZARD'S


" I came, I saw, I conquered," Csesarsaid When fresh-earned laurals grac'd the warrior's head, As History wrote upon her page, his name-Hiscountry's glory and;Pharnaces'shame! But, ah! no conquest Caesar's valour gain'd By human woe and human blood unstain'd Nor could he e'er extend his graspingsway Beyond mankind—the bubbles of a day ! Nature's strange mysteries he ne'er assail'd—

'Gainst man alone his potency prevail'd !

" Look on that picture, then on this,"I pray-The mighty "WIZARD of the NORTH"

He ''conies, and sees, and conquers,"swiftly As Rome's great hero ouce was wont to do; But Caesar's prowess vainly would essay The feats at which the Wizard is ! Not man alone he bends beneath his will— Making both friendandfoeapplaudhisskill; He seems to laugh away effect and cause— To "come, to see, to conquer" Nature's laws! Norare^z'jtriumphstinged withsorrow'sdye He hears no widow's curse, 110 orphan'ssigh; Within his palace, pleasure's fruits abound-There laughing Momushath atemple found 1


MONDAY, August the 21st, 1843, and During the Week.

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