Mr Ross Conyears

entertainment I was giving at Praed Street Chapel, Edgware Road in the year 1889, he had just taken up the subject of magic as a hobby, and I had the pleasure of giving him his first serious lesson in sleight-of-hand. I well remember our first meeting when he approached me iu a very long overcoat, and very long hair, looking to my mind then more like a gentleman swindler of the genuine type than anything else 011 earth, and offering to carry my bag, (I expected to lose sight of him and the bag every minute) and the many hearty laughs we have had together when I would recall to his mind my first impressions of his good self.

The majority of performers have their pet »sleight or trick, and in this respect Ross was 110 exception ; the trick that thus associated itself with him was the Old Chinese Puzzle known as the Linking Rings which he was wont to present with great deftness and skill.

Next, perhaps, to the rings the trick that fascinated Ross most was the Cap and Pence, known some fifty years ago, as the Pile of Mags. I am afraid the trick is now somewhat despised, but such should not be the case, as its limitless variations may well enableconjurers to baffleeven their confreres. I well remember the delight of Ross when he first worked it for me, to find that I, yes I ! had been caught. I could say more but—of Ross it may truly be said: '' He offered hope to the weary heart in charity's sacred name."

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