Mr R K Dunning

Dunning, the ventriloquist, is Kahn, the conjurer, anil he is as clever in " making-up " as he is in magic, the photos will show this : the time occupied in making the change is barely two minutes. Miss Kahn is his wife.

Dunning has had an interesting career, having been an auctioneer, lessee of several well-known theatres, and manager for Carl Herrmann, the mesmerist, who created


such a sensation at the Theatre Royal and at Newsome's Circus in Glasgow during 1887-88. The company including band, was about forty strong, and ,£200 a week was given away in presents to the audience, as 110 doubt many of the Scottish readers of Magic will remember.

Miss Kahn & Kahn afterwards accepted an engagement for South Africa, and opened at the Drill Hall, Cape Town, in April 1891 witli l( Iyauck's All Star " company. They played three times in four months, by special com-

maud, before Sir Henry (and Ladj;) Loch, the governor of Cape Colony, and are the only variety artistes who have done so. They remained two years in Africa, running their own show, and doing all their journeys by road with their own horses and cape carts. On their return to England they again added magic to their act.

In November, 1898, they returned to Africa and played for nearly five months under canvas with Wirth & Friedman's Wonder Show, opening at the Exhibition, Graham-stown; they left this show in Pretoria, owing to a disagreement with one of the partners. A week later they opened at the Empire Theatre, Johannesberg, where the combined acts made such a success that after the first show they were engaged for eight weeks, and on leaving were accorded one of the biggest benefits known for years. They are the only artistes who ever played opposition in Africa and then opened at the Empire for eight weeks.

Miss Kahn is a clever sleight-ot-hand performer, very pleasing, and stages her act in a very high-class style.

Kahn & Kahn are always found working the best halls, and are booked solid ahead for two years. The great secret of their success is that while both are very clever, their manners are pleasing and attractive, and absolutely devoid of that egotistical and proud bearing not infrequently met with among professional magicians, They are at all times pleased to purchase a new " move " and are always willing to pay a good price for the same if only to assist in building up the fascinating art of magic. Their motto is 11 Give satisfaction and so ensure repeat contracts." The best wishes of Magic are with these capable artistes.

Professor ANDERSON'S PROGRAMME, dated 1854.

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20,139 of the Inhabitants of Leeds have SURRENDERED to Marshal _Professor Anderson during the past Fortnight._

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