Mr Arthur Margery

performer adopts as his watchword, as Mr. Margery has adopted " Originality," and will not on any account be induced to copy, or even imitate partially, other performers in their work. If only this axiom had been carried out more generally by magicians, what would not conjuring have been like to-day ? The Continuous Back and Front ' Palm ' would long ago have been a thing of the past.

No professional business requires closer study than that of legerdemain, A natural aptitude for the art must be born in a man—he must be alert both in body and mind, cool and calculating to the movement of a muscle under the most trying circumstances, and a close observer of human nature—an instance : he must recognise at a glance the obliging individual who will, uncon-ciously, take the ' forced ' card, or the aggravating young man who will persist in his endeavours to take the wrong one.

The greatest pleasure in the study of an art is undoubtedly obtained where the student makes up his mind to work out ideas for himself, and generally to work single-handed. The subject of our sketch is of this type, he is passionately fond of, and quite thorough in his work, well conversant in every branch of magic, and always read}' to impart information to those less instructed than himself. He revels in a large and valuable collection of books on magic, but even this does not satisfy his greed for mystic lore as he is known to be an ardent reader in the library of the B.M., doubtless with a view to compiling something of interest to magicians. If it is true that success rewards the painstaking then Mr. Margery deserves no small measure of that commodity.

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