Modern Magicians


The subject of our sketch this month is Mr. Alexander Ross, better known to the conjuring world as Ross Con-years, Wizard of the Drawing-Room, whose sad death from pneumonia and complications was reported in our issue of June. If only in recognition of his kindly and unassuming nature and sympathy with others at all times when requiring that help he could give, we are pleased to accord him the position of honour in our pages this month ; and we regret that the opportunity of doing so did not present itself at an earlier date.

Mr. Ross was born, not many miles from the birth place of the illustrious John Henry Anderson, in the village of Invergordon, North Britain, in the year 1856, his early home being Kin-craig Cottage. He remembered as a boy seeing several of the entertainments given by Anderson on his farewell tour prior to retiring from public life, and I recall many pleasant chats relative to this and other equally interesting subjects appertaining to magic, dating from the time I first met him (during the season of 188990), to a week or so before his death.

Most successful magicians take to magic at an early age, but this cannot be said of Mr. Ross, as at the time I first met him, when he introduced himself to me at an

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