Manchester Notes

" The Marvellous Steens," in an act consisting of Second Sight and similar mental phenomena, concluded a successful fortnight's stay at the Grand Theatre, on the 22nd December. They drew big houses.

Two excellent ventriloquial turns were presented here during the week ending December 15th, Professor Dunning appearing at the Tivoli Theatre, and Gillin at the Grand.

At the Tivoli Theatre, on December 10th, Kalin & Kahn presented their brilliant magical performance, concluding with a clever exhibition of lightning paper folding. The latter feat is worked in a somewhat novel manner by these artists; each performer is provided with a separate sheet of paper, and both go through exactly the same movements—after the manner of lightning drill artists—forming «ach shape simultaneously.

Prof. Oakden.

Items of Interest.

The " Music Hall" for November 30th contains nine interesting portraits of Mr. Howard Thurston in his card tricks.

A very great factor in the success of a conjuring entertainment is the capa-bil ity of the performer to introduce his tricks with amusing chatter. A past master in this respect is Mr. Imro Fox, now appearing at the Empire. That the quickness of the hand deceives the eye is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to all those who witness Mr. Fox's entertainment.

Prof. Anderson's Programme dated 1843, and which appeared in our last issue, was reproduced by the kindness of Mr. A. Margery, who has placed at the disposal of the Editor his portfolio containing an unique collection of old Programmes, Bills, &c., &c., dating as far back as 150 years. Amongst other Ancient Lights represented in this collection such names as, Sig.-Savren, Love, Sig Blitz, Poletti, Andoe.ChingLan Lauro, Herrmann, Robin, Robert Houdin, Adrean, Jules de Rovere, Phillippe, Jacobs, &c., are prominent.

The Christmas number of '' Home Chat '' contains a lengthy and interesting article on Hand Shadows by Mr. David Devant.

The sketch reproduced at the head of this column was received from Mr. Chas. Vallion, magician, and formed the address on a letter posted to this office.

It has occurred to the Editor that, possibly, many magicians take a delight in making a record of their most favourite tricks in this interesting manner. In view of this possibility he will give five Annual Subscriptions of Vol. II of Magic, gratis, to the five best sketches out of a hundred (or one in twenty) received during the present year. The sketches, which will be reproduced in Magic, must be three inches greatest measurement, and must be drawn with Indian Ink on white drawing paper.

The Combined Handcuff and Sack Trick, run by Profs. Hayes and De Caston (Cape Town), is being much talked about. De Caston is handcuffed and placed in a sack which is tied and sealed and placed behind screen : in less than a minute he appears in front of screen with sack (still tied and sealed) over his arm, and handcuffs (unlocked) in hand.

In connection with the Gardens Fancy Fair held in the Good Hope Hall and Gardens, and opened on November 30th by His Excellency Sir Alfred Milner, Mr. F. de Gruchy distinguished himself in a series of Magical Entertainments.

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