Manchester Notes

During New Year week -Duncan, a smart juggler, gave an interesting show in the " Palace Scene " of the pantomime playing at St. James's Theatre.

" Fun by the Sea " was the title of Captain Holt's Ventriloquial Sketch, presented to appreciative audiences at the Grand Theatre, from January 7th to 19th.

David Devant, with Maskelyne and Cooke's Provincial Touring Co., has been here since December 22nd, The management originally intended to stay here a month only, but owing to the unprecedented success of the Entertainment, they have decided to remain until February 16th. The novel illusion, " Oh," is the great feature of the programme, and has caused quite a sensation here.

Clemart, the well-known ventriloquist, appeared at the Palace Theatre twelve nights, commencing January 14th.

Mr. S. E. F'ox, who has been making a study of magic for some time past, made his debut on Saturday, January 19th, at St. Paul's Schools. His performance was very creditable, and was enjoyed by all present.

Professor Oakden.

Items of Interest.

An imitator of Mr. Houdini in his wonderful Handcuff Act and Trunk Trick, appeared on January 14th, at the "Tivoli," Leeds, in the person of Mr. Theo Hardeen, who announces that he uses no prepared or trick cuffs and further that he will forfeit twenty pounds to anyone who can open and escape from the manacles used in his act and from which he releases himself. Mr. Hardeen, who hails from the States, caused quite a sensation, and has undoubtedly established a reputation.

The " Music Hall" for Jauuary 18th contains an interesting portrait of Francis juggling eight balls.

An important addition will be made to the Tivoli programme on February 4th in the person of " The Great Everhart," who is known in the United States as the "The World's Wonder." His performance consists of the manipulation of an extraordinary number of hoops, which he causes to ny round him in a most marvellous manner, apparently putting the law of gravitation utterly at defiance.

Particulars are to hand of a new act recently put on at Keith's, New York, by Goldin, the Magician, who scored quite as big a hit as did Ching Ling Foo, the Chinese Conjurer. The principal part of the act, which is presented in pantomime, is the San Juan Illusion where a woman disappears while covered only to the waist—the whole is a pot-pourri of " Illusion " and " quick change " in which lovers, priests and bobbies figure conspiciously.

The importance of our front page may be gathered from the following which appeared in the "North British Daily Mail," Glasgow, Monday, December iotli, 1900.

" One of the features at Saturday night's concert in Dixon Hall was the magical melange given by Mr. Loudoun Cameron. Of Mr. Cameron, a new monthly magazine entitled Magic says :—He is acknowledged by experts to be most proficient in sleight of hand, not being surpassed in his manipulation of coins, cards billiard balls, and the like ; it is generally understood amongst magicaus that the greatest tricks ever performed are not done at all, the audience simply think they see them—to produce such "illusion" requires the most consummate skill, and it is in the ability to thus misdirect an audience that Mr. Cameron excels."

Mr. Imro Fox, the clever and amusing conjurer, is about to negotiate the Moss and Stoll circuits. He returns to the Empire next year with a new act.

A.11 original and interesting article explaining six of the most effective Box Tricks and illustrated with twelve excellent photographs appeared in the "Strand Magazine " for July, 1900, pp. 711 —714 ; the same article also appeared in the " New York Evening World " for July 17th, 1900.

Anent the origin of the Reverse Card Palm see page 37 of this vol., second column, fourth paragraph.

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