Loudoun Cameron

Scotland's Representative magician.

"To see ourselves as others see us."

Coatbridge Express, says :—" Loudoun Cameron, The Prince of Magicians, fairiy electrified the large audience, and was loudly and deservedly cheered."


it WANTED, Back numbers of " Der Zauberspiegel" »» and "Die Zauberwelt."—Arthur Margery

VX7ANTED, Programmes, etc., of Houdin, Anderson

and other ancient lights for reproduction in Gic " ; purchase 01 loan. — Write, Office

ANTED to Purchase, "DerZauberspiegel," vol.1. »V - Prof. Hoffmann, 19 Linton Road,Hastings. 2

"pOR SALE, Handcuff Trick, 11/6 ; Two Aerial Treasury Spider Fekes, 4/6 pair; -Mechanical Pull for Vanishing Handkerchief, 5/- ; Vanishing Birdcage, 15/-; all new.—Brown, 33 Croflon Park Road, Brockley, London.

/CONJURING.—Mr.Portland, the Children's Euter-^ tainer, 11 St. Paul's Road, Cauonbury, N. ; Suuday Schools, Darwing-rooms.—Telegrams, "Conjuring, Loudon."

pHARMED CONFETTI CRYSTAL Goblet, Fairy Handkerchief, Mesmerised Egg and Mystic Shower. Post free 1/3 complete. A Magician writes; "Very pleased with your little trick Crystal Goblet and Confetti; the shower from the egg is a charming idea."—Adrian Francis, 207 Marylebone Road, Loudon, W.

AT A CONCERT held recently

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