Lessons In Magic

Suggestions for Programme of a Coin Manipulator.

( Continued from last issue.)

Tip coins from hat on to table and proceed with the following tricks—with two pieces—Two coins shown together in right hand separate and one appears in left hand—and back again. A duplicate (third) coin is used and reverse palm No 2. (" New Coin Tricks." 1.) is worked with both hands simultaneously.

At the close of the last sleight, when the two coins are back again in the right hand, one coin is thrown on the table leaving, apparently, one only in the right hand, this is passed through the right knee to left hand (duplicate) and back again. Then through both knees ("more painful but—") and back again ; coins are returned to table as one only. The first of these two sleights is obviously employed to lead up to the second for the better concealment of the duplicate coin which, however, is palpable in the sleight in question at all times.

To Vanish a number of Coins.—Stand with your table on which is a number of loose coins, on your right. Take up one coin with the left hand and place it 011 the fingers of the right hand, extended over table, in position for reverse palm No 2.("New Coin Tricks, II") by which means it is caused to disappear. This is continued with six or seven coins. With the first finger and thumb of left hand, place the second coin in position on the right hand, the second, third and fourth fingers secretly remove the first coin from the back of the hand, returning it to the table when picking up the next in order—and so on throughout. The last coin is never really placed on the right hand, but is retained in the left hand with others, representing the total number vanished, secretly picked up from the table. Performer comes forward with right hand still extended (to induce spectators to believe that he has the coins palmed on the back of the hand) and shows back and front of hand as when actually working the reverse palm. ! He next draws attention to the right hand with the fingers of the left, executes the change ovei palm and back again to leave coins 011 the fingers of the left hand Now when making a left turn to get back to original position at table the coins are transferred, under cover of body to the back of right hand in a similar position to the cards in Fig 20 our "New Card Tricks p. 19," from which position they are produced, one by on^ (exactly as in the case of the cards,) to be dropped on table in quick succession as they arrive. The Change over palm with several coins is made with the coins palmed exactly as at Fig 3. "New Coin Tricks, I," it will be only necessary to grip well the edges of the outside coin. This applies equally well to the back or front of the hand —practice only is required to become expert.

Next in order execute the Turnover with a stack of 40 or 50 coins (See "New Coin Tricks" I) this is an absurdly simple thing but I believe the audacity of some manipulators has induced many to believe it a remarkable feat—it is nothing of the kind, it may be done by anyone at the first attempt.

The same stack of coins is next palmed in the right hand while seeming to place it in the left hand, left hand is eventually shown empty and coins produced from vest.

TITLE PAGE, INDEX, and PREFACE to Vol. I of " Magic," nicely arranged and illustrated, and printed on good quality paper. Now ready, Price, post free, 3d.

PROGRAMME of M. J. de ROYERE, 1888.

Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Under the Authority of the Right Hon. the Lord Chamberlain.

Extraordinary Novelty II

4®=" The decided success of the FRENCH PERFORMANCES, and the unbounded Applause they have been honor'd with from iull and Fsshionabie Audiences, has induced

to repeat them, with a Variety of entirely novel f[e ats


This Evening, MONDAY, Oet. 27th, On WEDNESDAY 29th, & FRIDAY the 31st, 1828.

Upon which occasion he will have the honor of Performing those that excited such Astonishment on the preceding Evenings, Viz:—


Or, tbe HORN of PLENTY,

Flora's Pavillion, The White Rabbit, Gbe Sorcerer's GtepoflrapbB;

Among the Novel Feats the following prominent ones will be introduced,


The Enchanted Flower Basket, The Dutch;. Liquor House,

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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