Magician, 11 Beaconsfield Road, Southall.

Contents of January " Magie."

Houdini : Handcuff Act and Trunk Mystery

Lessons in Magic :—Japanese Bird Vanish, A New Coin for Hat.

A New Coin Palming Combination. By J. A. Jackson.

Lafayette :—Programme Hippodrome, Sept. 1900.

A New " Color Change" for Billiard Balls. By T. Hayes.

Biography of Prof. Anderson (continued from December.)

Möns. Paul Cinquevalli (Juggling). Continued from December.

Editor's Letter-Box :—Modern Magician's Methods.

South African, Australian, and Manchester Notes.

Items of Interest.

Professional Cards and other Advts.,. to which refer ,.if you are in search of novelties.


Up-to-date Magician. The most brilliant Magical Act witnessed. Now abroad. 11

J • Teacher of Sleight of Hand. Professionals & ladies taught. 11 St. Pauls Road, Canonbury, N.

Variety Entertainer, Ventriloquism, Magic, Papergraphy, Shadows, Musical Sketches. ArboryMount, Chorlton, M'ch'ter.


^ Sleight of Hand Novelties and Hand Shadows. 30 Darlington Road, Soutlisea. 12

Magician and Illusionist, 6 Victoria Park, Fishponds, Bristol.

Y O L R A Y, Juggler, Conjurer ^ and Clown.—6 Hart's Place, Goosegate, Nottingham. Agent, Lemare, Manchester.


Magical King of Cards. 31 Gladstone Street, Westbro', Dewsbury.

miscellaneous Advertisements.

Twelve, words, 4d.. every additional three words, id. Professional Announcements Displayed in this Column 2/6 (60 cts.) per inch.

Glasgow, November 1st, 1900. Mr. Ellis Stanyon,—Dear Sir,—I am very well pleased with the result of my advertisement in October " Magic." Seven replies to date, and all good ones. With best wishes.

Yours truly, Paul IIkbkk.

Norwich, November 11th, 1900. To the Editor.—Dear Sir,—I have already had answers to my advertisement in November "Magic" and thereby deduce that your paper is a good advertising medium.

Yours very truly, Prof. Phroc.

TVTODERN MAGIC, More Magic, Spiritualism, Kunard's Conjuring, Burlingame's Magic ; 10/-. Hutchinson, 15 Shrewsbury Road, Bayswater.

T~\ISPOSAL-—Aceteleyne Shadow Lamp, 10'- ; Con-U juring Books wanted ; loan or purchaie.— Edgar Oates, 10 Molesworth Road. Stoke, Devonport.

J. DE WITT, The Modern Magician,


pONJURERS' HANDKERCHIEF 8iu 4d. ; i2^in.

5^d., any color, Paper-Folding, Professional, strongest, 2/3 free.—Walters, Kingsland Villa, Woodford, Essex.

to advertisers.

If your advertisement appears in Magic it will reach those who want what you can supply.

The Circulation of magic is guaranteed. Magic is posted each month to the chief

Institutes and Polytechnics throughout the United Kingdom.

Secretaries of Social, Political, and Sporting Clubs, and to those who are in the habit of giving Entertainments, At Homes, Concerts, &c.

WANTED. Japanese Juggling Top (brass) for Spinuing 011 Swords, etc. ; second-hand ; good condition.—Knight, 3 Middleton Buildings, Lang-ham Street, London, W. 1.

TirANTED, Back numbers of "Der Zauberspiegel " »» and "Die Zaubei welt."—Art hur Margery (card). 2.

T17ANTED, Juggling Apparatus (not conjuring vv Tricks); second-hand, good condition.—H.B., The Firs, Enderby, Leicester. j.

WANTED, Programmes, etc., of Houdin, Anderson and other ancient lights for reproduction in •'JUaGic " ; purchase or loan.—Write, Office of " Magic." i.

ANTED to Purchase, "DerZauberspiegel," vol.1. - Prof. Hoffmann, 19 Linton Road,Hastings. 3

"117ANTED, Mechanical Candlestick about 6in vv high to fold flat ; also silk Spring Flowers and other good apparatus. State makers name and cash price.—88 Glenavon Road, Stratford.

pROFESSOR OAKDEN, Magician .and Correspondent for Magic, 186 Rydal Mount, Hightown, Manchester.

D^'Magicians on Tour are requested to send a post card to this office notifying change of address that "Hagic," may reach them promptly on the first of each month.

Printed for the Proprietors by Pollock & Co., 81, Mortimer Street, London, W.

The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists. Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality Entertainers.

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