Title Page of the Life of Cagliostro, The original biography was published in Rome in 1790, under the auspices of the Holy Apostolic Chamber. It contains an elaborate expose of the great magician's system of Egyptian masonry, also the full inquisition sentence pronounced against him. This highly interesting product of papal jurisprudence makes strange reading for the 20th century. In the year 1791 the Inquisition biography was translated into French under the above title. It has for a frontispiece a steel engraved portrait of Cagliostro. Original editions of this rare and curious old work may be seen in the Peabody Library of Baltimore, M.D. ; the Scottish Rite Library of Washington, D.C. ; and the Masonic Library of Grand Rapids, Iowa.

evocation of phantoms, which he caused to appear, at the wish of the inquirer, either in a mirror or in a vase of clear water. These phantoms equally represented dead and living beings, and as occasionally collusion appears to have been well-nigh impossible, and as the theory of coincidence is preposterous, there is reason to suppose that he produced results which must sometimes have astonished himself."


Compiled with notes by Ellis Stanyon.

The compiler begs to acknowledge his indebtedness to Mr. Arthur Margery for valuable assistance rendered in making the present work as far as possible complete and thoroughly up-to-date.

( Continued from page 48.)

Alden, W. L. Among the Freaks. London, 1896. Cloth, 8vo. 196 pp. illust.

This is a work on the show life, treated in a humorous manner, chapter io, pp. 146-161 treats of "The Lightning Calculator " ; chapter 11, pp. 162-177, an Amateur Juggler.

Aldine Publishing Company. Shadowed by a Showman ; or the Mad Magician. The Aldine Library No. 82. London, N.D. 64pp., 36 chapters.

This is in the form of a novel, with paper covers of an American soldier firing at the magician's heart. Bullet catching.

Serial works :

--2. Capital Tricks and Deceptions with Cards.

- 4. Tricks in Mechanics.

- 6. Chemical Tricks.

—- 8. Electrical and Magnetic Tricks.

London (about 1895). Paper 8vo. 256pp. Scarce.

Amateur's Guide (The), including the whole Art of Legerdemain. Derby, 1883. Folding Colored Frontispiece. Rare.

Anderson, Prof. J. H. (The Wizard of the North). World of Magic. Anderson's Tricks ; also an important exposé of Spiritualism, and a complete history (with photo) of the life of the author. In original colored wrapper. London, N.D. Boards 8vo. 130pp. Illust.

--Expose of Spirit Rappings. Being a series of Letters addressed to the editors of the "Baltimore Sun," together with a "Writing Medium's" reply. New York, 1853. Pamphlet 32pp. Frontispiece.

—--" The Wizard in Paris." Particulars of this handbook are wanting.

- The Fashionable Science of Parlour

Magic. Being the newest tricks of deception developed and illustrated, to which is added an exposure of the practice made use of by professional card players, blacklegs, and gamblers. London, 1840. Paper, i2mo. 71pp. 12th edition.

-Anderson's Note Book ; or Recollections of his Continental Tour. Philadelphia, i860. Paper, 80pp. Illust.

Contains : Address by Professor Anderson at Brechin Castle. Prof Anderson's first interview with the Eniperor of Russia. Ludicrous incident that occurred to Prof. Anderson when in Ireland. The Russian ceremony of blessing the waters. Prof. Anderson at Balmoral Castle, &c. Each of these items are in the form of a chapter.

-The Great Wizard of the North's Handbook of Natural Magic. Published by the Great Wizard of the North at his temple of magic. London, N.D. Paper, 8vo. 72pp. In illustrated wrapper.

Contains portraits of Anderson as a young man and dedica-cation on fly-leaves. The matter is much the same as his other books, and is dispersed under the following headings respectively : "Parlour Magic," pp. 1-48. "Exposures of Card Sharps, &c." pp. 49-60. "Ruses," pp. 61-64, "Anecdotes," &c., 65-72.

-A Shillingsworth of Magic ; or Tricks to be learnt in a train. Fancy paper covers, with portrait.

Frontispiece of portrait and autograph. With an appendix of The Magic of Spirit Rapping, Writing Mediums and Table Turning. Being an exposé of the frauds of Spirit Rappers, and descriptive of the Mechanism of the Rapping Table. London, 1840? 8vo. 192pp. Illust.

Of this work 96pp. are devoted to conjuring, the remaining 96pp. to the appendix, which is bound up for the first time with Parlour Magic, and as it is the 38th Edition it evidently existed as a separate publication. The conjuring has a preface of 5pp., but no biographical mention. Anderson, A. How to do Tricks with Cards. New York, 1900. Published by Frank Tousey, 24 Union Sq.

There are several books on tricks by the same publisher.

Appleby, F. (C.E.) Loisette's Art of Never Forgetting. London, N.D. Paper, 8vo. 20pp. Scarce.

Contains the code for the instantaneous memorization of a pack of 52 cards.

Arnold, George. The Magician's Own Book. New.

York, 1851. Cloth, 8vo. 362pp. Illust. Arkas, Alfred. Artistes in Wood, Paper and Soap. Extraordinary displays of ingenuity. " Harmsworth Magazine," April, 1899. PP-254_258. (Mentions Mr. Morrell, Mr. King and Mad Eils respectively,who were and probably are now with Barnum's Show. Art of Conjuring, The ; or Legerdemain made easy. Exhibiting the manner of performing all the Ingenious and Remarkable Tricks. N.D. about 1810. Art of Conjuring made easy, The ; or Instructions for Performing the most astonishing Sleight-of-hand Feats -with directions for making Fireworks. Devenport, i860? Paper pamphlet, i2tno. 12pp. Art of Legerdemain, The whole ; or, the Conjurer unmasked. Containing instructions how to perform tricks with Dice, Cards, Birds, Eggs, Cups, Balls, &c., by the most celebrated Professors. Derby, 1830? Paper pamphlet, i2mo., 24pp. Folding colored frontispiece of a conjurer with an urn in left hand and a wand in right hand, a bust on cabinet, serpent devil arising from sulphur bottle, &c. Published by Thomas Richardson.

Art and Mystery of Modern Gaming, The whole. Fully exposed and detected. Containing an historical account of all the secret abuses practised in the game of chance, &c. London, 1726. 4to. (no author mentioned). nipp.

Very interesting for such an early work, as it exposes the inner secrets of gaming houses, dicing, and cardgames, etc., in a technical manner.

Art of Ventriloquism, The. With plain practical directions, by which the various " voices " may be acquired in a few weeks. By a Professor of the Art). "Boy's Own Paper," 1889. About June or July ? In 4 parts. < Astley, Philip. Natural Magic, or ; Physical Amusements Revealed. Contains 24 experiments and preface. London, 1785. i2mo. 45pp. Frontispiece, Conjurer performing card nailed to wall. Automata. Fifty games played by the Automaton Chess Player. London, 1820. 76pp. Cloth, 8vo. Taken down by permission of Mr. Maelzel, at the time they were played during its exhibition in London in 1820, and sold at the Exhibition Room, 29 St. James St. Automaton Chess Player, The. New Penny Magazine, August 19th, 1899, pp. 229-230. Illust.

Mr. Stanyon will feel indebted to anyone who will kindly notify him of any work, Book, Pamphlet, Periodical, Magazine article or the like, on Conjuring and Kindred Arts, not included in his original "Bibliography," in time for the same to appear in the above list.

Quotations for any work in this list may be had on application to the Office of " MAQIC."

If the three diagrams given in my last article (page 13) have been carefully studied much progress will have been made and the student will find himself in a position to practice figures of a more complex nature.

An excellent effect, and laughable, may be obtained on the sheet in the following manner :—First show the one-handed rabbit (Fig. 8), then very quickly, the quicker the better, change the hand to the position required for the fox (Fig. 7). The fox will look about, smelling the position occupied by the rabbit but a moment before, and will eventually affect disappointment by turning right round and' looking off sheet (point fingers over right shoulder)—on turning back again he affects surprise finding another fox facing him (the left hand in position) and a fight ensues. Finally both hands are displayed on sheet.

The squirrel (Fig. 9) is a novel and effective shadow. It is not difficult, on the other hand it is not by any means an easy figure to put up quickly. A movement of the fingers forming the tail and fore-leg will indicate playful antics. A combined movement of the left thumb and fore-finger (ear and eye movements) will indicate alertness, &c.

Avoid quick movements in the bull ; make the shadow appear stately. Mouth movement is obtained by opening and closing

Practice should not at any time 011 any account be maintained after the muscles have become tired. This is very important for ultimate success. The Editor.

(lo be continued).

The Sditop's Lrettep=Qoj*.

The Editor invites contributions dealing with matters likely to be of interest to readers of this paper. He will be pleased to receive news relating to special shows-, also apparatus, books, catalogues, &c., for review. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the views expressed by his correspondents.

Magic and the now Famous Serials (by El

Stanyon) are successful beyond our expectations, and our best thanks are due to all those who have so kindly helped to make them so ; there is no need for us to say more—the following extracts from correspondence speak volumes.

[j I" Allow me to congratulate you on the appearance of the last number. If any guarantee were needed of the success of your venture one has but to compare tha March issue with the first that came out to be quite convinced on that point—and that without detracting in the slightest from the excellence of the maiden number."

"I expect since you have broken the back of ' monopoly ' we shall have several people picking up the crumbs in your wake ! Speaking to a party anent Compulsory Liquidation I was informed in all seriousnes that he did not think there was any need for fear as Magic was only a small thing !!!!!! Moral—Don't try to be funny. "2

Dear Mr. Stanyon, Kansas City, Jan. 15th, 1901.

Please send me " New Miscellaneous Tricks." Congratulations on Magic. All copies to hand to-day. Kindly keep me informed of all your publications on magic. Yours sincerely, A. M. Wilson. To Mr. Stanyon, San Francisco, Jan. 26th, 1901.

Please send me "New Miscellaneous Tricks," No. 6. I look forward with much pleasure to your publicatons, and, each month, to Magic and wish it every success for a long term of publication.

Yours very truly, Horace H. Mii,i,er. Dear Mr. Stanyon, Washington, D.C., Dec. 14th, 1900.

Kindly send me your new pamphlet No. 6, also " Hand Shadows." Your little pamphlets on conjuring are exceedingly original, suggestive, and useful, alike to the amateur and professional magician. Very truly yours, H. R.Evans. To Mr. Stanyon, Dundee, N.B., Feb 2nd', 1901.

Kindly send me '' Conjuring with Cards.'' I already have '' Conjuring for Amateurs," "New Coin Tricks," and "New Card Tricks.'' I would add that I have obtained a great deal of valuable information from your excellent works. Yours respectfully, Herr Einwal.

To Mr. Stanyon, Edinburgh, Oct. ist, 1900.

Thanks for "New Coin Tricks" also "New Card Tricks." Your explanations of the "Miser's Dream" and other Coin and Card Tricks are exceptionally clear and readily understood.

Yours faithfully, Prof. BeluUOS.

0 0

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