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House of Cagliostro, No. /, Rue St. Claude, Paris. Plan by M. de Ricaudy, redacteur Echo du Public." Under Louis Philippe numbers were changed: Cagliostro's house, formerly No. 30, has now become No 1.

France by order of Louis XVI. He went to England, and there, on the 20th day of June, 1786, predicted the fall of the Bastile, declaring that it would be rased to the ground and converted into a public promenade. How this prophecy was fulfilled history will testify.

Cagliostro had a peculiar seal, upon which were engraved the mysterious letters " L. P. D." These letters are supposed to stand for the Latin sentence, ' ' Lilia pedibus destrue, ' ' which translated signifies, " Tread the lilies underfoot "—alluding to the overthrow of the French monarchy. Many theosophical writers have placed implicit belief in the mission of Cagliostro as the secret emissary of an Occult Body working for the regeneration of mankind.

Taking this idea for a theme, Alexander the Great-he of the pen, not of the sword—has built up a series of improbable though highly romantic novels about the personality of Cagliostro, entitled ' ' The Memoirs of a Physician" and "The Diamond Necklace." Verily, verily, Dumas père had an elastic imagination !

* The robbery by Madame de la Motte of the Diamond Necklace of Queen Marie Antoinette, for a full account of which, including Cagliostro's extraordinary reply to the charges brought against him, see "Extraordinary Popular Delusions " (Charles Mackay)—Editor.

{To be continued).


Compiled with notes by Ellis Stanyon.

Automaton Chess Player, of Mr. De Kempelen, An attempt to analyse the. With an easy method of imitating the movements of that celebrated figure. Illustrated by original drawings, to which is added a copious collection of the knights' moves over the chess board. Anon. London, 1821. Pamphlet, 40 pp. 8vo. Frontispiece.

This work contains five large plates illustrating 13 diagrams, purporting to expose the secret mechanism, and five plates explaining the knights' moves. It is mentioned by Sir David Hrewster in his " Letters on Natural Magic " which work also contains eleven explanatory diagrams on the construction of the figure.

Bacon, Roger. His discovery of the miracles of Art, Nature, and Magick. Faithfully translated out of Dr. Dee's own copy by T.M. and never before in English, London, 1659. 12 mo., 51 pp.

This is the earliest printed English copy and contains 11 chapters. Chap. 6, concerning strange experiments, Chap. 3, of the force of speech and a check to magick, Chap. 9, of the manner to make the philosopher's egg, &c. s

Bailey, F. H. Hindu Jugglery. Journal of Education. (Boston). Vol. XLIV., p, 378.

Baldwin, S. S. The White Mahatma. Secrets of Mahatma Land Exposed. New York, 1899. Cloth, 4to. 120 pp. Illustrated.

Ball, W. W. Rouse. Card Tricks. In his mathematical recreations and problems of past and present times. London, 1892. Cloth, 8vo, 240 pp.

This is a nicely written book, but the conjuring portion is very sparingly treated, card tricks and those of the mathematical calculating order with a few others of various kinds, are all that are mentioned. The rest of the matter is a scientific exposure of various experiments, dynamic and mathematical. The book is divided into two parts :—Part I. Mathematical Recreations. Part II, Mathematical Problems and Speculations.

Baker, Lady. Zulu witches and witch finders. New York Eclectic Magazine, Oct. 1876, pp. 479-490. This same number also contains an article entitled '' Natural Magic," pp. 496-502.

Bancroft, Frederick. Yogi Magic in India. New York, 1897. Scientific American Supplement. Vol. XLIII, p. 17,845-

Barnello. The Red Demons. One hundred tricks with Fire. Chicago (about 1893). Paper, i2mo. Scarce and interesting.

Barnum, P. T., Life of. Written by himself, author's portrait on steel, London, 1855. Cloth, 8vo., 404pp. illustrated.

Barnum and Bailey. The Wonder Book of Freaks and Animals. London, 1898-9. Paper, 4to. Illustrated, 44 PP-

This book contains short biographical notices of all the freaks, &c., who were showing with Barnum, on his last visit to London It is illustrated with blocks of nearly every artiste, and was sold at 6d. in the form of a guide book and programme. It is perhaps more interesting to showmen than conjurers. It is interesting reading and the magical items are with blocks and reading matter. Wade Cochran (Memory Wonder), Matly (Needle King), Alfonso (Human Ostrich), Mattie Lee Price (Lady Magnet), Mdm. Loretta (Snake Charmer), Prince Samonda (Illusionist), Roltair (Illusionist), Miss K. Shimakina (Japanese Conjurer), Sol Stone (Caculator), King (Paper King), The Urquharts (Second Sight), Delno Fritz (Sword Swallower), &c., &c.

Quotations for any work in this list may be bad on application to the Office of "MAGIC."

tending Cibrary.

In response to ?nany requests, covering a period of some years, zee have decided to start a


With fctv exceptions we have 011 hand for the purpose every book on Magic and Allied Arts published during the past 100 years. As many of the books are extremely rare and valuable, and their possession jealously guarded by collectors, the great majority of magicians who would like to read certain works, with a view to obtaining suggestions for their programmes, are debarred from doing so by the scarcity of the same •. this need no longer be the case.

Those who would avail themselves of the advantages offered bv the library, which we believe will supply a long felt want, are requested to read carefulty the following

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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