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CARD No. 2.

Office, 76 Solent Road, N.W. Six months' subs., Free, 3/-. A Total Eclipse. England and America united. New Miscellaneous Tricks, 3/-. New Card Tricks, 3/-.

Recommend only Magic. Conjurers Vade Mecum. Miscel. Advts., 12 words, 4d. Old Programmes reproduced. Opposition defied. New Handkerchief Tricks, 3/-.

You can record your ideas, card Advertisement, only 1/-. Invaluable to the Community. Makes friends everywhere. It contains the latest tricks. Explanatory Programmes.

Lending Library of Magic. Read the now famous serials. Real value for money. Young and Old delighted. Zealous Magicians read Magic. Get a copy at once.

Annual Subscription, 5/6, $1.50 One Single Copy, Free, U.S.A. Stamps & Notes ac'ptd. A long felt want supplied. Lessons in Magic. Hand Shadows.

Journal for Magicians. First of every month. Greatest of them all. Thousands of Testimonials. Magic for Magicians. New Coin Tricks, 3/.

Items of Intepest.

" The Umpire " (Manchester) for April 28th, 1901 contains a column by Clement Scott on the career of Prof. Anderson, " The Wizard of the North."

An interesting article entitled " Talma's Tricks " appeared in the "Black & White Budget " for April 27th, 1901.

A correspondent writes us that the little weekly paper entitled "Tricks " has gone over to the great majority through inadequate support. This is regretable, as while it treated mainly on old time Parlour Tricks, it would have made a compilation of this class of amusement acceptable to collectors of books on magic and allied arts.

Why is Magic successful ?—Because the Editor works with a free hand, and while respecting all, cares for none and does not find it necessary to masquerade under a non-de-plume.

Apropos of the popularity of the Books on Magic by Mr. Ellis Stanyon it is interesting to note that his " Conjuring with Cards." has been reprinted by the Penn Publishing Co., of Philadelphia, U.S.iA.. This firm have been kind enough to retain the author's name on the title page.

Mr. Stanyon's " Conj uring for Amateurs''has also been reprinted by the Henneberry Co., Chicago, U.S.A., under the title of " Herrmann's Conjuring for Amateurs." In each of the above cases the books have been reprinted without the knowledge of the author or of his London publishers. Further comment is needless.

A further American Edition of " Conjuring for Amateurs" by Mr. Stanyon may be expected shortly, text unaltered with the following exceptions :—A few new tricks have been inserted in place of older ones, a few hints being borrowed from Magic ; a chapter on stage illusions in lieu of the one on paper folding, and a chapter on shadowgraphy illustrated with diagrams taken from Mr. Stanyon's pamphlet on the art. This edition is published with the knowledge and consent of the author, whose name will be retained on the title page over that of the Editor, Mr. Henry Ridgley Evans.

The entertainment given by Zanic, a clever card, coin, and ball manipulator, at the Labour Institute, Bradford, om May 4th, was very highly appreciated.

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