Revelations of a Spirit medium, or SPIRIT MYSTERIES EXPOSED by a Medium.

Treats solely on the exposé of tricks of Mediums ; full of new ideas for magicians. 324 pp. illustrated. We have purchased the entire stock of this interesting work.

Copies may be obtained from the office of MAQIC post free, each 3/9.


No counting; no wires; no threads; no mirrors; no telegraphy; no communication of any kind; no gesticulation.

Performer in auditorium, with his back towards stage, receives whispered communication, or silently notes date 011 coin, etc. ; then, standing quite still, instantly transfers same to lady on stage, who sits with her back towards audience.

The whole of the following, in fact, any test may be presented with equal facility :—addition and subtraction of any quautity of figures; date, value and country of any number of coins ; suit and value of any number of cards (not forced) ; points on dice, dominoes, etc; names of statesmen ; names of popular songs; famous authors ; operas of international fame ; time by any watch, etc., etc.

Assistant 011 stage may " make up " as celebritv (quick change), or he may produce a " lightning sketch " of the desired personage 011 blackboard. Popular operas and songs may be sung with an acco/npaniment 011 the piano ; thus producing a combined entertainment of magic, mirth and music.

The Thought Transference in any and all cases is quite instantaneous, and may be readily acquired by all parties in five minutes. The simplicity of the arrangements do not admit of a mistake.

Equally suitable for stage or parlour and being readily adaptable, 3'on have the satisfaction of knowing that you are able to, at once, duplicate any test shown by other performers with a good chance of increasing ten-fold the effect of the same, with less than half the effort.

Mr. Stanyon claims that his Silent Thought Transference is his own invention ; that he now, under this date, offers it for sale for the first time ; that it will give satisfaction ; that it will work any test yet exhibited in public ; that when once known, nothing else in this way will ever be required ; and that it is worth ten times the amount charged.

Mr. Stanyon, during the past few years, has been constantly asked to supply a good silent code. He has now produced one. Should you hesitate to purchase, remember the old proverb, '' There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio "; also that Mr. Stanyon has due regard to his reputation.

Supplied only 011 receipt of card, with full name and address, and with a written promise not to divulge or offer the secret for sale.

N.B.— The Inventor reserves to himself the right to refuse any undesirable application. ______

Comprehensive List of Tricks and Books, Ventriloquial, Punch and Marionette Figures, free, 7d. List of Latest Novelties, 2y2d.

Cheques, &c., should be drawn in favour of Mr. ELLIS STANYON. Money Orders should be made payable at "Mill Lane, West Hampstead, N.W." AMERICAN STAMPS AND DOLLAR NOTES ACCEPTED.

All communications should be marked "s.s.t.t." and addressed to —



jff J}lue X on Me Wrapper will denote that your Subscription tjas expired; tije favour of an early renjittarjee, orj £lank Subscription forn\ erjclosed, will be esteenjed.


We undertake to design and word your Programmes, Letterheads, &c., in a manner so attractive that they cannot fail to bring you good business. Estimates on Printing, Lithographing, &c., furnished per return.

We also supply from any Photo or Sketch sent, finest quality half-tone and Line Blocks and this at a price that defies competition. Half-tone (on copper, 4^in. x 3in.) from Cabinet Photo, price, 12/6 ; Postage, 6d. extra. We will make you this extra-fine quality Half-tone, on copper, from any Cabinet photo, and insert the same with 12 lines ot' reading matter in MAGIC, one insertion, for 20/-; this offer is good but for a short time, as it is made to advertise our work zu/iich is far superior to any that can be obtained elsewhere.

Line Blocks, from your sketch, per sq. in., Minimum charge, 4/6.

Kxact copies of your Front Page of " Magic " to form Circulars, per 500, 12/6 ; per 1,000, 21/-Artistes own Programmes, Circulars, &c., inserted loose, in " Magic " per 1,000, 10/-Blank and Red Pip Playing Cards printed to your order. A novelty. Per 1,000, 10/6.

Lessons given in Sleight of Hsnd, Juggling, Hand Shadows, Sc., by Prof. ELLIS STANYON, per Lesson, 15/- ; per course of Six Lessons, £3 3s.

Send One Stamp for further particulars <t samples of above to


Professional Cards.

Name and Twelve Words //- per insertion ; or per annum, 8¡6 ($ ptepaid.


The Incomparable Juggler. Reg. No. 260.

martin chapender, v Humourous and Magical Entertainer, 124 London Road, Liverpool.


^ Scottish Magician,

180 Butterbiggins Road, Glasgow.

Sleight of Hand and Ventriloquism. 132 North Road. Bishopston, Bristol.

Card and Coin Manipulator, "Shrewsbury," Oakdale Rd., Streatham.

0 0

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