Acting on the suggestions of a couple of advertisers, whose cards appear in our list this month, we have arranged a system of registered numbers to enable those who are unable to publish their address to still derive benefit from an advertisement in Magic.

This arrangement may apply to any advertisement and the cost, to pay for registration, See., is 25 per cent, over and above the ordinary rate, with a minimum total charge of 1/3.

Replies to such advertisements should be placed in a sealed envelope bearing the registered number in the left hand corner and a id. stamp in the opposite corner—the letter should then be placed in a second envelope addressed to this office.

All letters thus received will have the address added and will be forwarded by the next post after receipt.

This arrangement will place parties in communication with each other in a strictly private manner; where this is not essential we should much prefer to publish the advertiser's full name and address.

The Editor reserves to himselj the right of refusing any advertisement under this arrangement.

miscellaneous Advertisements.

Twelve words, jd., every additional three words, id. Professional Announcements Displayed in this Column 2I6 (60 cts,) per inch.

REQUIRES no Stage Traps, 110 Optics, 110 Glasses, LA BELLE ADRIENNE, Entirely New Lady Vanish surrounded by committee, selected from amongst audience.


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