Cagliostro's house in the Marais quarter, Paris, still stands—a memorial in stone of its former master. It is situated in the rue St. Claude at an angle of the boulevard Beaumarchais. It was originally the property of the Marquis d'Orvilliers, and was selected and furnished by Cardinal de Rohan as a residence for the Grand Cophta.

The sombre old mansion has had a peculiar history. Cag-liostro vacated it on the 13th of June, 1788, on the occasion of his exile from France. All duriug the great Revolution the house remained closed and intact. Eighteen years of undisturbed repose passed away. The dust settled thick upon the laboratories, upon the seance-rooms and saloons, spiders built their webs upon the gilded ceilings. Finally, in the Napoleonic year, 1805, the doors of the mansion were unfastened, and the furniture and rare curios belonging to the dead conjurer were auctioned off. An idle crowd of quid-nuncs gathered to witness the sale of the retorts, crucibles, elixirs, &c. : to pry about, and speculate upon the secret staircases that ran through the walls of the building. In 1855 their were some repairs made. The great salons were cut up into smaller apartments.

Cagliostro's House, Paris. See also plan at page 69 of this volume.

People pass and repass this ghost-house every day but not one in a thousand knows that the great enchanter once resided there, and held high court. L,ike a huge sphinx, it slumbers in the sunlight of the twentieth century, blissfully unconscious of the bustling world about it, and dreams old world dreams of love and beauty, of magic and mystery. If those dumb walls could but speak, what fascinating stories of superstition and folly they might unfold to our wondering ears ! Yes, in this ancient house, dating back to pre-Revolutionary Paris, to the old regime, the great necromancer known as Cagliostro lived, in the zenith of his fame, powerful as a noble, admired, nay, worshipped by princely dupes. In these golden years of his life, was he never haunted by disturbing visions of the dungeons of the Holy Inquisition, yawning to receive him? Ah, who can tell ! Thanks to the gossipy memoir-writers of the period, I am able to give a pen-portrait, composite if you will, of some of the scenes that were enacted in the antiquated mansion.

It is night. The lanterns swinging in the streets of old Paris glimmer fitfully. Silence broods over the city with shadowy wings. No sound is heard save the clank of the patrol on its rounds. The rue St. Claude, however, is all bustle and confusion.

To be continued.


Compiled with Notes by EUis Stanyon.

Ably assisted by Mr. Arthur Margery.

(Continued from page 85).

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