Sleight of Hand. A Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs nnd others. New Edition, Illustrated. By Edwin T. Sachs. 6/6. by post 6/10.

Book of Modern Conjuring. A Practical Guide to Drawing-room and Stage Magic for Amateurs. By Professor R. Kunard. Illustrated. 2/6, by post 2/9.

Book of Card Tricks, for Drawing-room and Stage Entertainments by Amateurs. Illustrated. By Profssor R. Kunard. 2/6, by post 2/9.

The Book of Conjuring and Card Tricks being the above two books in 1 vol.

Conjuring for Amateurs. A Practical Handbook on How to Perform a Number of Amusing Tricks. By Professor Ellis Stanyon, i/-, by post 1/2.

Conjuring with Cards. Being Tricks with Cards, and How to perform Them. By Professor Ellis Stanyon. Illustrated. 1 /-, by post 1/2.

Fortune Telling by Cards. Describing and Illustrating the methods usually followed by persons Professing to tell Fortunes by cards. By J. B Prang-ley. Illustrated. 1/-, by post 1/2.

Practical Ventriloquism. A thoroughly reliable guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry, Vocal Instrumentation, Ventriloquial Figures, Entertaining, etc. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. In cloth gilt, price 2/6. by post 2/9.

Shadow Entertainments, aud How to Work them; being Something about Shadows, and the way t > make them profitable and funny. By A. Patterson. Illustrated. 1/-, by post 1/2

Bunkum Entertainments. A Collection of Original Laughable Skits on Conjuring, Physiognomy, Juggling, Performing Fleas, Waxwork-., Panorama, Phrenology, Phonograph, Second Sight, Lightning Calculators. Ventriloquism, Spiritualism, etc., to which are added Humerous Sketches, Whimsical Recitals and Dra wing-room Comedies. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. 2/6, by post 2/9.

How to Vamp. A Practical Guide to the Accompaniment of Songs by the Unskilled Musician, With Examples. 9d., by post iod

Amateur Entertainments for Charitable and other Objects. How to organise and work them with profit and success. By Robert Ganthony. i/-, by post 1/2.

Bazaars and Fancy Fairs, Their Organisation and Management. By John Muir, i/-, by post 1/2

Modern Palmistry. A Manual for Amateurs. By I. Oxenford. Numerous and Original Illustrations by L. Wilkins. 2/6, by post 2/9.

London: L. UPCOTT GILL, 170 Strand W.C.


Illustrated Journal in German language of


Published monthly. Subscription price 6 months 5/-, delivered postage prepaid. Single copies, 1 /-. CARL WILLMANN, Editor, Neue ABC Strasse, Hamburg, Germany.

miscellaneous Advertisements.

Twelve words, 4(1., every additional three words, id. Professional Announcements Displayed in this Column 2I6 per inch.

~VVTANTED to Purchase,"Der Zauberspiegel," vol.1. • * —Hoffmann, 19 Linton Road, Hastings. 2.

"pOR SALE, Nickel Tube for Vanishing Handkerchief ; complete, post free, 6/-, cash with order. —Stevens, Bedford Villa, Tavistock Rd., Plymouth.

TTtrANTED, Juggling Knives, Palming Coins, good » » Tricks, cheap ; good agent wanted—Stanley Collins (see Card,)

"tTrANTED, Books on Magic, Sleight of Hand, Jugglery, Ventriloquism, Recreations, Second Sight, Black Art, Necromancy, Exposures, etc.—S. R. Ellison, M.D., 118, West, 103rd Street, NewYork, U.S.A._

>pROUBLE-WIT, 1/9, 3/-, 5/- ; coloured, 7/6—Heber, -*- 20 Green Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. 1.

T 7ENTRILOQUIAL. — Marionette, Punch figures » and dialogues. — Bourne, Maker, Southesk Road, Forest Gate. 1.

IMPORTANT.—Wanted New Tricks and Books on Magic.—Edgar Oates, 10 Molesworth Road, Stoke, Devonport. 1.

-p ARE BOOKS, Out of Print ; Books supplied ;

Catalogues free.—Reeves, Bookseller, Birmingham. 1.

OOD TRICKS, Illusions and Secrets sale or ex-^ change; cheap. — Peroc, 76 College Road, Norwich. 1.

Trv-. USEFUL Hints. All Entertainers should 1(J<J know. Two powerful and interesting Dramatic Recitals presented with each copy, sure rounds of applause, seven stamps.—Adrian Francs, Milloni, Cumberland. 1.

OPIDER with Six Fakes, 5/9 ; Coin Wand, 5/9 ; Float-^ ing Hat Fake, 2/1 ; Vanishing Boquet, 5/6.—Prof. Nobello, i Currie street, Duns. 1.

"I*/" ANTED, Small Apparatus, secondhand, ior » » Parlour Conjuring Tricks.—320 Upland Road, Dulwich. 1.

"VXrANTED, Books, Pamphlets, Magaz:ne Articles, Programmes, etc., on Magic.—Benwell,Folly Bridge, Oxford. ic.

pHUNG LING SOO, Great Gold Fish Mystery.

The marvellous Chinese Trick, lately causing such a sensation at Alhambra Theatre, of catching live gold fish in the air with a rod. Performed by Robinson and by Ching Ling Foo in America. Prices on Application. Professional SECRET ONLY (very limited number). England, P.O., 6/6 ; America, 2 Dollars. Right of refusing-undesirable applications is reserved, in such cases money returned. Any Chinese act supplied.—PROF. LIONEL ARTHUR, 2 Isis Street, Oxford. 1.

A/TAGIC and Stage Illusions; Hopkins; three -1-V-L second-hand copies wanted.—E. Short, 9 Far-rant Street, Queens Park, W. 1.

The Modem Magician,

American Mystifier, DOUGHERTY, ALAHEDA CO.,


5/6 in British or U.S. Stamps (P.O. or Dollar Notes) secures a copy of MAGIC post free to any part of the World for One Year.

Contents of October Number :

Modern Magicians, " Selbit."


Suggestions to Readers.

Lessons in Magic, by Ellis Stanyon.

Biography of Prof. Anderson.

Hand Shadows ; On the selection of the proper light ; Suggestions for a Portable Outfit; An Interesting Figure for Practise.

Items of Interest.

Editor's Letter-Box.

An Interesting Letter from South Africa.

A novel Card Combination from Melbourne

Displayed, Miscellaneous and other Advertisements to which ref^r if you are in search of Novelties.

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