The Original Comic Conjurer, Pall Mall Exchange,CarltouSt.,London,S.W.

oidney fielder,

^ Sleight of Hand Novelties and Hand Shadows. 30 Darlington Road, Southsea.

j. atkinson,

• Magician, Juggler, Cliapeaugraphist, and Mandolinist. King's Arms Hotel, Dalton-in-Fumess.

J * Teacher of Sleight of Hand. Professionals & ladies taught. 11 St. Paul's Road, Canonbury, N.

The Modern Magician, Coin and Card Manipulator. 31 Balfour Street, Bradford.

wilton warton,

^ Expert Manipulator of Cards, Coins, &c. 3 Pansy Street, Liverpool.

Children's Entertainer, Conjuring, Shadows, &c., 147 Gt. Titchfield St., W.

ykj ilfred zelka, v ^ In his Novel Entertainment, " Modern Mysticalities." Reg. No. 1675.

wen clark,

Sleiglit of Hand Expert. July and August, Heme Bay and Southend.

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