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Extract from the " Musie Hall," December 14th, 1900.

Not only is sleight-of-hand, in its various forms, one of the most popular features of public entertainment, but it has an ever-increasing vogue among amateurs, both as a means of amusing their friends and kindred arid as a delightful and fascinating pastime. To meet the demand for literature on the subject which has thus been created, Prof. Ellis Stanyon, of the School of Magic, Solent Road, West Hatnpstead, whose reputation in legerdemain is world-wide, has published a series of handy manuals on the up-to-date achievements of the art which, by reason of his full and lucid descriptions, will be found equally serviceable to the professional and the amateur. As Mr. Stanyon frankly admits, he subjects himself by these publications to the a"athenias of many who strongly object to any exposé of the tricks of the trade, but he holds that the objection is selfish and short-sighted, and that the more the art of sleight-of-hand is understood by the public the better it will be appreciated. He may, indeed, find a comfortable analogy in the musical profession ; now that everyone knows something about the piano, the pianoist lias become one of the stars of the musical firmament.

" New Coin Tricks " will be found to contain full descriptive particulars, illumined by illustrations of the latest tricks of the day, including the pretty conjuring act, entitled "The Miser's Dream," while in the second series the secrets of the coin wand, one of the most effective apparatus of recent introduction, and of the " spider," the almost invisible little instument which has proved of such wonderful service to the coin manipulator.

"New Card Tricks " is similarly helpful to those who make a special study of card conjuring. Here we have the full modus operandi of the "rising card," that fills an audience with wonder and amaze, together with full particulars of the new reverse and continuous back and front palm. A fourth manual is equally informing on Handkerchief Tricks, in this again the illustrations being of great assistance to the student. Besides these manuals, Mr. Stanyon also publishes an illustrated monthly, " Magic," which has already established its position as the special organ of the conjuring profession in all its branches and also enjoys a large circulation among amateurs.

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