Hull Notes

Dr. Walford Bodie, Ventriloquist and Mesmerist, finished his fortnight's stay here on June 8th. The " draw" of the performance was "The Electrocuted Man," in which Dr. Bodie, after mesmerising an assistant, places him in a chair, which lie says is exactly the same as the one used at the Sin Sin Prison in New York. He then goes through the whole performance of electrocution, giving his assistant, as he says, the number of volts sufficient to kill a man in America. Needless to say, however, after about 15 minutes he brings liini round again.

I understand that Dr. Bodie is about to start a tour through America.

Welsh Millar came here for a week 011 June 10th and gave his entertainment of " Art, not Magic," at the Palace." His turn consisted of the " Miser's Dream." He is the third coin manipulator we have had here that claims to be the only performer who can palm 42 coins at once. His back and front palming with cards is very neat and clever. He concludes his performance with the new rising card trick (See Magic for l-'ebruary), which is very taking.

Professor Dent is giving a ventriloquial turn at the Empire.

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