Herr Valadon

Programme, Egyptian Hall, February 5th, 1901.

That portion of the programme, at the above home of mystery, announcing Herr Valadon's Act, reads :—

" A series of Magical Problems by Herr Valadon, whose remarkable performance will conclude with a New and Original Mystery, entitled, "Tuppenny Tubes," demonstrating the fact that one tube alone may be innocent, but if tubes are multiplied to an unlimited extent, placed in juxta-position, and permitted to vibrate sufficiently, it is possible for them to swallow up all the wealth of London."

Performer enters, removing gloves, which disappear one by one, the first by means of the " pull," the second by sleight of hand, under cover of a turning movement, which enables performer to produce a dove from breast pocket—performer advances to foot-lights and allows the bird to fly away.

Under cover of returning to centre of stage he secures a white billiard ball, producing this, he executes a number of passes (see " Conjuring for Amateurs " and " New Miscellaneous Tricks " by Ellis Stanyon). The white ball is now changed to a red one, and the wonderful production of four balls at the tips of fingers follows. (See '' New Miscellaneous Tricks "). The ball tricks are concluded by dropping the last red ball into rightprofonde in the act of seeming to throw it into the air.

With Cards.—Counts off five cards which vanish and re-appear four times by means of the Reverse Palm, the last time they are produced, one by one, at finger tips, (see " New Card Tricks " by Ellis Stanyon). An electro plated stand with four arms, each holding a card and arranged one above the other similar to the arms on the letter E is standing on table. Performer takes one of the cards and vanishes it by means of the Reverse Palm. He next takes a second card from the stand, with the right hand, and under cover of placing it (with the left hand) in position for the reverse the card on the back of the right hand is brought round and placed at the rear of the second card. Both cards (supposed to be one only) are now reversed palmed together ; and so on with the remaining two cards. The four cards are finally produced at the finger tips, one by one, and dropped on the stage.

The card tricks conclude with the New '' Rising '' Cards as explained in Magic for February, with the addition that, after having placed the three prepared cards on the top of pack, performer executes the " Waterfall or FarO Shuffle " (see " New Card Tricks ") in front of audience. This particular shuffle, while apparently moving every card in the pack, need not of necessity displace the three top cards.

Performer here leaves stage and loads rabbit into left breast pocket—returning he takes up the white billiard ball and simultaneously with causing its disappearance (as before explained) and with left side to audience, produces rabbit which he places on a sheet of newspaper on chair, covering it (the rabbit) with a glass shade. He next borrows a gentleman's watch which disappears by sleight of hand into left profonde. The rabbit is now, apparently, wrapped in the paper ; it really disappears through trap in chair. A box which has been hanging overhead of performer throughout the show, is now lowered ; this box is found to contain another, and so on, until six boxes are produced. The last box contains the rabbit with the borrowed watch tied round its neck. This rabbit is a duplicate, with ribbon and swivel hook in position to receive the watch ; the watch is obtained from profoyide in time to be inserted in the last box and attached to hook in the act of removing the rabbit. The performer stands with right side to audience during the unpacking of the boxes.

Tuppenny Tubes.—I was somewhat disappointed to find that this was nothing more than the old Organ Pipe Production Trick. The articles produced were, with the exception of a glass bowl of fish and two rabbits, all of the collapsible pattern and consisted of Bonnets, Silks, Reticules, Lighted Chinese Lanterns, Clocks, Weights, Jam Pots, Sash Ribbon, Cage with Bird (this latter by the way was produced from the right breast pocket under cover of the sash ribbon) and two larger cages with birds, same shape as the tube from which they were taken. The tubes used were only four in number, but unusually large in size.

The " mechanical" portion of the entertainment is well done, and the tricks without exception are accompanied with good dramatic effect which makes them quite deceptive.

Our next number will contain particulars of the psychological problems presented by Herr and Madam Valadon.

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