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formance of Conjuring, Second Sight, Dark and Light Séances and Memory Feats, before His Royal Highness Prince George of Greece and his suite, and several Consuls of the Foreign Powers there, where I scored a great success. I have not done a great deal of conjuring in England. I was a long time with Prof. Acton, who is a splendid performer, very clever at Sleight of Hand, in fact, I have seen him astonish De Vere of Manchester and Hartz, and several other leading men at cards, he is in Liverpool now, having retired from public life, he invents and makes all his own Tricks, one of his best is a Windwill Trick, with watches, handkerchiefs, &c. I have not seen anything like it, as it does not require an assistant to work it, he did offer,£100 to anyone who could produce its duplicate.

BERT POWELL, The Military Mystic.

To the Editor of "Magic."

Torn Card Restored (combination).—The card used is mechanical consisting of a flap combination of the Queen of Spades and Knave of Diamonds, with flap corner to turn down. Have mechanical card on top of pack and a genuine Knave of Diamonds and a Queen of Spades at bottom. Force each of these on two persons respectively, and have them replaced anywhere in the pack. Take out any indifferent card, show it, and ask each perton if it is his ; on a negative reply, change it for the top card (the mechanical one). Show it first as the Queen of Spades, then say you would like to mark it so as to know it again. Pretend to cut off a corner with a pair of scissors or a penknife, at the same time doubling back the mechanical flap corner. Having previously palmed a piece resembling the cut off corner, which you show as the bit just removed, say that on second thoughts it seems a pity to mutilate the card and so spoil the pack, and that you must try to mend it. Throw (palm) the piece at the card, and at the same instant release the flap which has been detained by the forefinger of the left hand when the card will appear whole and perfect. Now wave it about a little and release the other flap. Say you will change it to the card selected by the other person—then show it as the Knave of Diamonds. Worked in this way makes a very effective trick. G. R. REEVES, Australia.

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